Ruth's Review - Director Trends and Posting Tips

Ruth's Review - Director Trends and Posting Tips

Current Trends

WOB and other providers are all seeing a solid demand for directors in this time of coronavirus.  This is not unexpected. 

With the coronavirus induced disruption it's also very  likely that your directors are working harder than ever -  so now is NOT not the time to neglect SUCCESSION PLANNING.  When was the last time Succession Planning was on your Board Agenda? 

Popular Vacancy Postings

As expected the vacancies that get the most attention from members are PAID roles.  The unpaid roles that attract the most attention are those that provide details about the organisation so the reader gains a good sense of the role and governance needs. 

With many WOB members already undertaking one or more roles, if you are looking for a NED it's important that you do all you can to draw attention to your position to attract the best candidates.  To help we have recently introduced our new Standard Plan to provides organizations with a boost to their vacancy listing, if needed. 

Director Recruitment Tips

Director recruitment starts with an analysis of your needs, crafted into a quality posting. Here are
some tips for drafting an ad:
  • SAY if you are offering professional development for directors 
  • SAY if you reimburse expenses 
  • If you are a large not for profit with staff and a 'commercial' business model, include the annual revenues, number of staff and sources of revenue.
  • If you want a treasurer, include annual revenues and number of staff. SAY if there is a finance member on staff. If you are a small organisation, don't overcook your request for accounting qualifications. CPAs and CAs are not bookkeepers. 

Make Your Vacancy Stand Out

If you need WOB’s assistance to attract a quality director, we recommend our Standard Plan at $550 which provides:
  • Expert review of your posted position by WOB Chair
  • Position pinned to the top of WOB Vacancy Board for up to 3 weeks
  • Position appears at the top of weekly vacancies email for up to 3 weeks
  • Targeted email sent to skills-matched candidates
Past experience indicates this will increase interest.

WOB Post a Vacancy options:

  • Basic Plan: FREE (easy to use online platform to post your vacancy on WOB's website)
  • Standard Plan: Basic Plan plus promos outlined above – $550
  • Premium Plan: up to 10 qualified CVs provided to you  – $1950
  • Bespoke service – get in touch
Now is the time for your organisation to take advantage of everyone working from home and looking for their next challenge.  Put Succession Planning on your agenda.