Director Insights

Director Insights

Experienced Non-Executive Director, Cheryl Hayman ponders the difference between Good versus Great Leaders 

After undertaking  a recent process of recruiting for Boards for both CEO and NED roles I been reflecting on the traits of a Good versus Great Leader, and how it differs to just being the Boss.

One critical trait of great leaders is that you have to be able to think past the “I” and be a “we” communicator, both in actuality and in perception.

It strikes me that leadership requires a dash of subtlety and a lot of perceptiveness to garner respect and to elicit a following. You need to be able to “read the room” and empathise and acknowledge with the receiver of any message or directive from their perspective. In other words you must be able to direct, steer, guide and affirm without it feeling like an order has been given.

Great leaders take people on a journey, elicit a following and delegate ownership so that accountability and responsibility are high and things are achieved effectively, efficiently and successfully.

It’s about building a “whole of business” brand that embraces staff, peers, Board, members and customers.

This quote from Harvard Business Review sums it up ...”A great leader’s unique achievement is a human and social one which stems from his understanding of his fellow workers.” 

Keep an eye out for great leaders, there aren’t THAT many!

About Cheryl Hayman

Cheryl is a highly experienced non-executive director with expertise in strategy, customer marketing and digital. Her board experience includes the following:
  • Non-Executive Director, Chair Rem and Nom, ASX:CLV Clover Corporation, 2008-presemt
  • Member of the Board of Advisors, Digital Experts Advisory Committee, Feb 2020 - present
  • NED ASX:SHM, Shriro Australia P/L, Sept 2019 - present
  • NED ASX:HGM HGL Limited,  Nov 2016 – present
  • NED Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ, Jan 2018 - present
  • NED Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Mar 2008- present
  • NED Women on Boards, 2016 – 2019