Boost your board career with these 10 steps

Boost your board career with these 10 steps

Updated August 2023
The pathway to the boardroom is not always a direct journey - with career, family, life and unexpected 'speed bumps' often leading to unwanted diversions or temporary 'stops' along the way. If you have put the brakes on your board journey, why not get back into gear with these 10 steps.

"Start thinking about fitting in time to do those things you’ve been putting off, such as updating your Board CV or LinkedIn profile, watching those webinars you’ve bookmarked and listening to podcasts you’ve been meaning to get to,” said Women on Boards COO, Nicole Donegan.

“Perhaps there are some board roles you’ve been meaning to apply for, but haven’t got round to doing. Try to set aside some 'WOB time' to get your board journey back on track."

Here are Women on Boards’ ten tips for boosting your board career:

‚Äč1. Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an ever growing platform that’s become critical to develop our board and leadership career.  There’s also loads of new features that are available to help you get noticed and make the right connections.

If you need some help take a look at our LinkedIn free Member Webcast Series presented by Designer and Trainer, Karen Tisdell.

The pre-recorded 60-minute webcasts include Rethinking Your LinkedIn Strategy, Building your personal LinkedIn profile, Building valuable LinkedIn connections, What’s new on LinkedIn and more.

2. Refresh your Board CV

Did you know that your Board CV should only be two to three pages?  When was the last time you updated your Board CV? If you have some time you can develop your Board CV at your own pace using our On Demand Build your board CV webinars, that you can watch in your own time.  

If you need some help, check out WOB’s Build your board CV online self-directed course or attend our next online webinar for some personal assistance.

3. Find out if you're Board Ready -  Take the quiz

Take the WOB Quiz to find out if you’re board-ready. The fun four-question quiz won’t eat up too much of your day but could have a big impact on your board journey.

4. Apply for a Board Role

Take action and apply for a Board role. Not sure where to start, take a look at the WOB Vacancy Board, which currently has more than 160 vacancies on offer.

5. Get Connected - Reach out to colleagues

"Pick up the phone or send an email to reconnect with people you may have lost touch with. Check in, ask how they are faring,” said Nicole.

Another way to stay in the loop is to reach out to other members on the WOBShare platform. Our online community platform gives WOB members a chance to connect to discuss information and learn from each other. 

Discussions range from  tips for your first board interview to advice on how to transfer from the corporate world to a NED portfolio career.

6. Get Connected - Attend an networking event

Women on Boards has a range of networking events - from WOBMeets to Director's Lunches - planned throughout the year.  Take a look at the WOB Events Calendar.

“There really is something for everyone, from those starting out on their board journey to experienced directors looking to hone their certain skills,” said Nicole.

WOBChat is our interactive fortnightly online session, providing a facilitated friendly environment for members to meet, network, share and learn. Session are free to WOB Members.

7. Get Inspired  - Listen to a Podcast

Whether walking the dog or commuting to work, set aside some time to listen to WOB's podcasts. Not only are they a great way to relax and zone out from your work (or family chaos), they’re also a chance to learn new skills and be inspired.

WOB co-founder Claire Braund’s Making it Real podcast series features interviews with inspirational leaders and directors about their board journey.

There are more than 80 episodes to listen to. Episodes are listed on the WOB website and you can subscribe on most podcasts apps including Stitcher, Podcasts, Spotify and Libysn.

8. Get Inspired - Read

If you’re in need of a ‘boost’ why not check out all the inspiring women who have shared their board journeys with us at WOB? 

WOB’s Lessons from the Boardroom series features advice and stories from women including financial journalist Lelde Smits, currently the youngest director on the Australian Shareholders Association to former cabinet-maker and now NED and governance governance and engagement expert Martina Rienzne.

9. Invest in YOU

Remember, it doesn’t have to be all about work. Make sure to take time to invest in yourself, and your wellbeing. Whether it’s reading a book, going for a run, painting or making jam, it’s vital to take time out away from the screen too. 

In this article, WOB members shared their hidden talents - from board game designing to tribal belly dancing!

10. Find out more about Women on Boards’ resources

If you’re new to the network or curious about what we do, join us for one of our Introduction to Women on Boards sessions or check out our Events page for more workshops and events.If you like to learn at your own pace, explore our On Demand Learning hub.