Build Boardroom Capability

What do you need to know once you are in the boardroom? 

Getting onto a board or boards is just the first step. The real question is "what will you do when you get there?"  Fortunately WOB has plenty of experienced board members in its network to lend you a friendly helping hand or mentor you. We also have some great articles for you to read.

Board Minutes: The ‘ounce of intrinsic merit or demerit’

The recently released ‘Joint statement on boards minutes’ by The Governance Institute and Australian Institute of Company Directors is a must read for all current and aspiring board members.

Based on TGI and AICD member feedback and a legal opinion from WOB member, Dominque Hogan-Doran SC, and Douglas Gration, the statement contains an excellent overview of the key principles of board minutes and what are essentially best practice recommendations.

The legal opinion is appended at the end of the document and contains references to major cases where the court reaffirmed the minutes as a true and accurate record of board decisions.