New Year, new Board? 7 resolutions you CAN keep

New Year, new Board? 7 resolutions you CAN keep

For many of us, 2022 could not have come around fast enough. And while ringing in the New Year is often a time we scribble down long lists of goals that we hope (but rarely do) to tick off over the next 12 months, it pays to make your New Year resolutions realistic so don’t set yourself up for failure.

Here are some tips to get you started, and to firm up those resolutions.

1. Nail your Board CV

Creating a good Board CV that stands out is about getting you above the pack. So It’s important you set aside time to focus on it. As Women on Boards Executive Chair, Ruth Medd, says: “Don’t give anyone a reason to put you in the too-hard pile”.

Consider investing in a WOB Board CV Workshop or do it yourself with our On-Demand version. Our workshop includes one 2.5-hour virtual workshop, two videos to watch in your own time and a follow up session to review your progress. At the end of the workshop you should have a Board CV that you can either continue to refine.  Find out more

Our On-Demand Build Your Board CV is an online, self-directed course that provides the tools, templates and guidance to enable you to create a Board CV.

2. Meet more like-minded people

An excellent tip from WOB mentor, Maree Taylor, is to “treat networking like a task: Put it in your plan, diarise it as an action and commit to it monthly or bimonthly.”

And WOB member Sharon Dickson, agrees. She said she has met some great contacts through WOB networking events and urges others to do so: “Keep meeting and networking with other people. They can challenge you in a positive way and may see things you take for granted.”

Keep an eye out for the many WOB networking events throughout the year, with hopefully more face-to-face events scheduled over the coming months.

We also hold fortnightly WOBChats (free for members), every other Wednesday from 5-6pm. This is a facilitated, friendly environment for members to meet, network, share and learn - online.

3. Develop your personal brand on LinkedIn 

When you have some downtime, how about working on building your own personal brand online with LinkedIn. In WOB’s LinkedIn Series, Karen Tisdell - LinkedIn Profile Writer, Designer and Trainer - shares her expert tips to make sure you are in charge of your story and how it is presented on LinkedIn. 

There are five 60-minute webcasts which you can watch in your own time. They cover:

  1. Building your brand on LinkedIn

  2. Building valuable connections on LinkedIn

  3. Creating LinkedIn content

  4. New LinkedIn features everyone's talking about

  5. Amplify your voice on LinkedIn

We have a special offer for anyone who joins WOB over the Christmas break. You can receive the entire WOB LinkedIn webcast series (worth $275).

4) Apply for more Board roles

The WOB Vacancy Board features thousands of board and committee roles in the public, private, government and community sectors. In 2021 we had 3,062 positions posted on the vacancy board - a 22% increase on 2019. Of these, 67.2% were remunerated in some way.

The Vacancy Board is available to Full, Premium and Corporate members. Not a member? Click Here to Join.

You can also check out Ruth’s Snap Vacancy Review podcast where she talks about a selection of interesting Board and committee roles available on the WOB Vacancy Board with a few tips thrown in. 

WOB’s Meet the Headhunters sessions will also give you a brief insight into how headhunters work, tell you what non-executive recruiters are looking for in a board candidate, and what they are seeing in the market currently.

5) Learn new skills

Getting your feet under a boardroom table (or two) is only the start of your board journey. Whether you want to brush up on your financial literacy, improve your presentation skills or practice your pitch, make 2022 the year to do it.

If you’re looking to realise your leadership aspirations this year, WOB’s virtual Women in Leadership program, which starts 10 March, is a nine-week program capped at 30 participants and includes one personal mentoring session with a qualified mentor/coach.

WOB has also partnered with Margot Foster AM to present her signature eight-week virtual program The Boardroom School to WOB Members.

Regardless whether you are on a board or intend to be, this program offers practical governance for non-executive directors and will equip you with the knowledge and tools to be an effective and valuable director. 

6) Find a mentor

Mentors can be your secret weapon according to WOB member Jane Crombie. “They can coach you through challenging scenarios, identify knowledge gaps, and help find suitable positions. Ideally one will become your champion, promoting you for roles within their network.”

If this is the boost you need for your board or leadership journey, why not get the wheels in motion this year?

Join our Mentoring Information Sessions to learn how a mentor could support your journey to, and in, the boardroom. 

You can also listen to Claire’s podcast here where she talks about the mentor experience - from both sides - with Cheryl Hayman and Gina McClement. 

8) Invest in more ‘WOB time’

We’ve all heard about ‘me’ time, but what about WOBtime? Some members swear by putting aside time every week - it could be 20 minutes a day or an hour a week - which they dedicate to their WOB journey. 

It could be simply listening to one of WOB’s many podcasts while out walking, making time to log on and contribute to WOBShare regularly or slotting in the opportunity to check out the Board vacancies. 

For more inspiration check out the WOB website and regular newsletters.