First impressions count: How to make your Board CV stand out from the pack

First impressions count: How to make your Board CV stand out from the pack

A Board CV is different from a career CV in a number of ways. It is important you identify your transferable skills, articulate your seniority and achievements and highlight past board (or proxy board) experience. All in a succinct way. 

It’s worth remembering that each board approach and vacancy are different. The strategic direction and life-cycle stage of the organisation, as well as the forces and complexities within the sector, drive the increasing focus of board composition and the skills matrix.

For aspiring directors, this means a careful rethink of how to present their capabilities as cutting and pasting from a corporate resume will signal they ‘don’t get it’ when it comes to the role of boards and directorships.

“Creating a good Board CV that stands out is about getting you above the pack,” said Women on Boards co-founder Claire Braund, who presents WOB's regular Build Your Board CV virtual workshops.


Those reading the board resume require different and specific information. Nomination committees need to know your value proposition in the context of their particular board. The fundamental question for you to answer is: “what can I really contribute to the strategic direction and challenges of this board?”

Top tip: Get a third-party review: your colleagues, clients and others who know you will often do a better job of articulating your unique strengths and contributions than you will. Get several people to review and comment on your profile. Even better if you can ask someone who sits on a board.

Other tips: 

  • Write for your reader - not yourself
  • First impressions count
  • Achievements impress
  • Director attributes impress

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