Board CV Development

Board CV Development

Kerry Chater

Sydney, NSW

Kerry has been making-over the CVs of WOBers for more than five years and is highly recommended for anyone looking to re-package themselves.

Having your CV overhauled by a professional can be the difference between making it (or not) to the short list for a board position. Kerry will assist you to develop your CV into one that can be presented for board roles, rather than a job. She can also help you with that all-important cover letter when you apply for a board role.

Cost: $350 for a CV and $150 per hour for additional services.

Further information: Phone 0417 228 393 | Email

Dianne Jacobs, CEO The Talent Advisors

Melbourne, Vic

Dianne provides a range of packages; including an independent review and constructive suggestions of your current CV and you can book a 45 minute phone coaching conversation to ensure the CV or application meets the needs of nomination committees or select another service to develop your board-ready CV. 

Cost: starts from $350 depending on the selected service.

Further information: Phone 0400 806 336 | Email

Wendy Teasdale-Smith of What’s The Stuff?

Adelaide, SA

Wendy offers her experience and knowledge developing a board CV and cover letter, to those who are starting to consider their board career to the more established and experienced directors looking to step up to the next level. Wendy believes that it is best not to take the board CV preparation or rejuvenation process without support and guidance. An experienced board CV writer can assist WOBers to stand out from the crowd.

Cost: $350 for a CV and $150 per hour for additional services.

Further information: Phone 0487 685 154  | Email

Denise Hanlon (HanlonHR)

Sydney, NSW It’s a shame that your carefully, crafted synopsis of your career can end up on the rubbish pile. So let Denise help you summarise your career into a punchy and pragmatic Board-ready marketing document. She specialises in fast-turnaround and honest feedback.

Cost $350 + $150 per hour for additional services

Further information: Mobile 043 843 2595 Email.