Articles to support your board journey

Articles to support your board journey

Are you Maximizing LinkedIn's New Features?

April 2021

LinkedIn has taken things next level with a host of new features that are vital for any non executive director, leader or those emerging. In this article, LinkedIn expert Karen Tisdell outlines the new features, which include now being able to create a video cover story; Creator Mode, which changes the way your content is displayed and how people connect with you; new live broadcasts; gender pronouns; new job titles; a resume section and more. Click here

Driving Transformational growth

March 2021 

In this article successful ASX Non Executive Director Cheryl Hayman, FAICD explores the reasons why marketing executives and creative, non-traditional and innovative thinkers make great directors, with a lens on the key deliverables they bring to the boardroom. Click here

From little things big things grow

November 2020
In this article WOB Director Mary Sue Rogers shares her board journey with Save the Children Australia, explaining how an offer to volunteer and read to children inadvertently led to two board roles and much more.  Click here

Using LinkedIn Effectively

September 2020
How you can use the “new normal” to advance your board career - In the absence of face-to-face networking, we need to find alternative ways to stay memorable. This is why LinkedIn has never been so important. Click here

How to write a great short-form post on LinkedIn - You use LinkedIn to get noticed – so why post something if nobody is going to read it? In this article Karen Tisdell explains how there is a definite technique to writing LinkedIn content with impact and how to create an attention-grabbing, short-form post on LinkedIn.  Click here

We aren’t going to increase diversity in the boardroom unless we’re willing to appoint first-timers. Why is that so hard to do? 

August 2020
This article explores the premise that to increase diversity we must increase the pool by selecting people for board service who have not served on a board before.

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How to choose your first board role (Part 2) 

February 2020
Following on from Part 1, How to choose your first board role, this article explores what to look for in the recruitment process to determine if the organisation is professional, strategic and well governed.  Click here

How to choose your first board (Part 1)

February 2020
WOB is often asked how to choose your first board. Our National Board Recruitment Survey, released on 7 February 2020 provides some valuable information to guide you. Click here

Are you ready to serve on a Board?

January 2020, Harvard Business Review
Corporate boards are under increasing pressure to diversify their ranks. At the same time, the bar for “board readiness” has never been higher. According to interviews with more than 50 board members of the world’s leading companies, five types of intelligence are needed to position yourself for board success - financial, strategic, relational, role and cultural. Understand why all are necessary and how to improve in each. Click here

Missed out. Move on

Rejection is an inevitable part of a board career - here we bring together advice on how to approach it and even benefit from it. Most of us are not lucky enough to get the first NED role we pursue, and certainly not if we are aiming high. Read Rowena's Ironside's (WOB UK Chair) tips to getting on with it. Click here

The seven reasons why being on a Board is good for your career

Adding a board appointment or directorship to your CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating your capabilities whilst catapulting your career up the ladder of success. There are many benefits to be gained from this career portfolio strategy. The top seven reasons why being a director will benefit your career Click here

Tips for aspirant non-executive directors

We are often asked by aspirant non-executive directors for advice as to how they can best position themselves for board roles. This valuable resource from Director's Australia, captures some of their key ‘tips’ as well as other information which might be useful to those seeking board roles. Click here

7 Key Board Interview Tips

The first step in your board journey is to have a board CV to get you short-listed for an interview. However once you get the 'interview call', there's still a lot of preparation needed to make you stand out as the preferred candidate.  There are important things you should and should NOT do in a Board interview. Read seven key Board interview tips to help you achieve success Click here

Working with Headhunters

A great article from one of our WOB UK members, Sue O'Brien OBE, who is managing partner at Ridgeway Partners Executive Search in London. Click here

The New Financial Year is Prime Time to Get Board Ready

July 2019 - The new financial year heralds the ideal time to take stock of your board pathway and assess what needs to be done.  Whether you are on your board journey or have been 'thinking about it', now's the TIME TO TAKE STOCK Click here

The Digital Director - Are you ready?

May 2019
Digitisation, agility and a knowledge mindset will shape the future for organisations and Boards. Are you digitally ready?  To hear what digital leader Stephen Scheeler, former Facebook MD and founder of The Digital CEO thinks click here.