Become Board Ready

How we can help you?

Each of you will have different needs. As a starter for all Women on Boards members interested in boards we recommend you:
  • Attend an information evening or other networking event
  • Enrol in our Getting Started workshop
  • Consider a mentor or coach
  • Make a start on your board CV using My Profile facility on our website


Access to high quality articles to support your career in the boardroom. Includes how to write a board-ready CV and cover-letter and what to consider when applying for NED roles.  

Board CV Development

Women on Boards works with a cadre of small businesses and individuals who provide niche services in areas we have identified as important to our subscribers. We will only refer and recommend people and companies with whom we partner with or have road tested at a course or event.

‚ÄčOur most popular request is for personal assistance with your CV. The following three people, Kerry Chater, Dianne Jacobs and Wendy Teasdale-Smith are experts in this area and operate across Australia.

Please mention Women on Boards when you contract their services.

I would like to get a Non-Executive Director role 

By: Mary-Sue Rogers, WOB Non-Executive-Director
I have recently been to several networking events that focused on “how do I get on to a board as a non-executive”?  The supply of individuals, with significant experience and qualifications, outstrips the demand for non-executive directors (NED) especially at the listed company end of the market.  And the challenge for talented women to get appointed to an ASX board is even more of an uphill battle.  There are still 13 ASX 200 companies that have no women on their boards and over 60 that have only one and less than ten where the chair is female.  This makes it all the more challenging to secure an ASX NED appointment.