Women on Boards established a Cultural Diversity Committee (CDC) in 2020 with the aim of addressing barriers to leadership, board and committee roles for culturally diverse women.

In this series we look at the women behind the CDC, their motivations for joining the committee, things they have learned along the way and their visions for cultural diversity in 2023.

Marcella Lazarus

"I am really proud of developing the first Counting Culture Survey to establish who exactly are the members of WOB."

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Ivett Guerra

'I don’t like tokenism and I didn’t feel I could stand up and talk about diversity without doing more. Being part of the CDC with people that were ready to create change gave me this opportunity.'

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Helen tran

'I have been on a very personal journey of discovery and during this time have met many remarkable culturally diverse women who have faced barriers and been overlooked when it comes to leadership opportunities.'

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malina raj

‚Äč'I was often the only female, or the only female from a culturally diverse background in the room and many times, I felt that my voice or opinion was not valued as equally as my non culturally diverse counterparts.'

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