Joshua Chikuse AGIA, ASG (SC) GAICD: Understand your uniqu value proposition and life long learning

Joshua ChikuseZimbabwean born and educated, Joshua Chikuse followed a career in strategy, policy and development, which led him to digital transformation  and governance.

Joshua currently on two boards; a health care and education board.
His board journey started with a board ready program to develop the tools he felt he needed to join a board.  After completing the program, it then took Josh another five years to find his first board role – he said others in the program started on boards straight away, which showed him that all journeys are unique and different.

Josh says the the major imperative to finding the right board role was understanding his unique value proposition, which led him to a local community board that developed programs for migrants.

He says it’s important to recognise that everyone’s path is different and that different paths take different amounts of time.  It’s a about truly discovering yourself and understanding what you can contribute.

Josh says his cultural heritage has had a positive impact because it's given him different lived experiences and tools to approach things, and helped him to understand diverse views, which is important as a board director.

Josh credits his culture for instilling him with a learning focus, which has been instrumental to his lifeling learning approach.

His advice to others includes:

  • It’s important to recognise that everyone’s genius (& path) is different
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of continuous lifelong learning
  • It’s important to build a diverse team around you - it will help you to understand and provide different perspectives
  • Understand your unique value proposition