The Profile on the WOB website is designed to help you think through and perfect the key elements of a good board CV.  Using this pro-forma is a good interim step when you are translating from an Executive CV to a Board CV.   

You access it via My Profile from the drop-down menu next to your name (top-right of every page when you are logged in).  Please note that only our paid subscribers have access to My Profile, so if you cannot see this option in the drop-down, this is probably because you are an unpaid member of the network (for information on how to upgrade, click here).

The top 4 areas to think about when completing your profile are:

  1. A strong summary that does you justice “in the round”. If this is the only thing somebody reads they should get a good insight into your seniority, breadth of experience and networks and your key professional skills.
  2. Areas of speciality. These are core skills that are relevant at board level such as risk management, corporate restructuring, digital marketing, etc  Most of us have between 4 and 10.
  3. Achievements. In the final CV document, these will appear beneath the position they relate to. But giving some thought to your “top five” really gets you thinking about and articulating the impact you have had on organisations during your career. It is this impact, rather than your responsibilities or job title, which helps boards understand how you can add value in their context.
  4. Any board or committee roles you have had. If you haven’t yet sat on a board as an executive director, non-executive director, trustee or governor, think about industry association roles, board advisory roles or cross-functional committees you have been part of.

You can get ideas and inspiration by looking at the profiles of other members using the Browse Member Profiles function (drop-down menu top right).