Penny Lee


A highly proficient legal professional with strong leadership skills and extensive experience in governance. Penny has devised robust policies and implemented significant strategic operational procedures for the NSW government. Presently one of only three female mining inspectors in NSW with a proven ability to influence and negotiate with key stakeholders.

A violinist with an avid interest in music and keen to be part of the exciting work which the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music undertakes. Penny enjoys giving back to the community, particularly in a musical capacity which she is so passionate about, giving her time and skills to develop and strengthen the Conservatorium as best needed.

Penny currently works for the NSW government as the Acting Director of Regulatory Services within the Resources Regulator. This is part of the Department of Planning and it regulates the mining industry. Prior to this Penny was a legal advisor to the British government for eight years and to the United Nations in West Africa.

Penny holds a Bachelor or Laws, a Master of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts. Her Master of Laws thesis was published in the peer reviewed University of NSW law journal. Penny has also taught administrative law (government law) at the University of Newcastle.

Experienced in governance, transparency and process with an intimate knowledge of compliance and the management of risk and strategic thinking to resolve issues and develop solutions for the future.

Skilled at developing relationships with stakeholders, a skill critical to ensuring people can work together and resolve issues in an effective and professional way. Penny enjoys working with people and is keen to utilise her skills in this area.

What boards do you currently sit on?

Central Coast Conservatorium Board

When and why did you decide to become a director?

It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to give back to the community and contribute my legal skills and experience.

What are your short and medium-term board aspirations?

To work with the Central Coast Conservatorium Board to assist with their further growth and development.

Outline your career background.

I am a lawyer and have worked for the NSW government, the British government and the United Nations.

Are there any directors/leaders you look up to? Why?

Claire Braund who established Women on Boards is very inspirational in her skillful way of making things happen.

Have you had mentors and sponsors and how have they helped you in your career?

I have had mentors and they have been very generous with their time, their encouragement has been integral to my development.

What is the diversity (gender & other) like on your boards? If you sit on a mix of diverse and non-diverse boards, what differences have you noticed?

The diversity on the Central Coast Conservatorium Board is really very balanced.

How did WOB help you in your journey to the boardroom?

It gives fantastic insight into opportunities which are available.