Know your value proposition: Be yourself and understand what you have to offer - with Lil Bianchi

@ January 2021

“It’s one thing to have brilliant ideas. It’s another to execute them superbly.” This is the guidance of Lil Bianchi, highly experienced Non-Executive Director, Chair Audit & Risk Committee and former CEO. “That’s where the board comes in, to support the CEO and executive team deliver the vision.” With a track record spanning global listed billion dollar corporates, tech start-ups, consultancy and international research, Lil speaks from years of experience running businesses and leading transformation programs across different sectors.

Current board roles

From financial services, transport, health, government, property and agriculture, no matter where she has made a contribution, it is purpose and engagement that drives Lil. “I’ve pursued roles where I can add value… where the vision and culture align with my expertise to make a tangible difference.”

As a technology entrepreneur, Lil has worked across data analytics, FinTech, RegTech, risk and customer value. Lil currently serves as Non-Executive Director for 4D Medical, a global medical technology company working to change the outcome for millions of patients with lung disease by revolutionising respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis. “It’s a fantastic company that is transforming lung diagnostics and is doing crucial work in the midst of COVID-19… It also has successful ASX, IPO, FDA and TGA approvals.” Lil is also the company’s Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. She also serves as Director for Australian Eco Merino Growers Co-Op Ltd, a large infrastructure implementation company.


After graduating from WOBSX in December 2019 — a director-led, peer support program to assist women achieve ASX Board roles — Lil has a clear perspective of her value as a director. She can sum this in just a few words: business transformation, technology, and risk underpinned by strong executive track record. “It’s hard to define with clarity your own experience, knowledge and skills, but with the help of Jon Brett, my Syndicate Chair, I was able to identify what I bring to a board and then assuredly, sit in that space,” shared Lil. “It’s about moving away from your skill-set and owning your value-set… it’s about really knowing yourself,” she added.

Career change

After many years heading businesses, Lil decided it was time to step back and change path. “I first stepped into a familiar space — consultancy — and had a lot of fun advising boards and executives to navigate the world of digital everything. But I missed a deeper connection. I missed being part of a team and making a contribution to the long-term so I explored a Non-Executive career.”

“I had prior experience both on and reporting to boards and understood the role of the board. In 2018, Lil completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors course, which gave her foundational knowledge and re-enforced that this was the right career move. “I felt so inspired by the possibility and potential of becoming a modern board director,” she said. “I love learning and am a big believer in accelerating what you have to offer. I’m constantly looking at ways to expand upon my skills and knowledge. And you have to as a director. It’s a very competitive space. There are many aspiring leaders looking to extend their portfolio. You have to be resilient and persistent.”

One of the luxuries of being a director, Lil confides, is thinking space. “A good director will set aside time to reflect. They will reflect on their contribution, their team, the direction and future of the company. Reflection enables superb execution.” Alongside this reflection, Lil has had the privilege of supporting and mentoring others in their executive career and board aspirations. “It’s my greatest pleasure, helping great people to expand their horizons.”

Integral advice

Lil’s key advice for women starting out on their board journey includes: 

  • Be yourself and confidently understand what you have to offer.
  • Stay current. You don’t need to be a tech expert, but you do need to be tech literate.
  • Remain optimistic, always.
  • Share your experience and lend a helping hand.

 WOBSX is our director-led, peer support program designed to assist women achieve ASX Board roles. Find out more

More about Lil Bianchi

Current Board roles
Non Executive Director, 4D Medical
Non Executive Director,   Lirio
Director, BSB Solutions
Non Executive Director,  Australia Ethical Merino Growers Co-op Ltd