Lessons from the boardroom

Getting your first serious board role takes time and effort. Take time to read some of our interviews with women who have achieved boardroom success to gain some insight, inspiration and support for your journey.

Thank you to all those who have contributed their stories - we are always looking for more. Please contact us with your story.

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Michele Adair
Claire Alexander
Debra Anderson
Kristie Atkins
Leesa Bauer
Dr Monique Beedles
Jane Bell
Wynne Bell
Dr Karen Bennetts
Babette Bensoussan
Lil Bianchi
Claire Bibby
Lisa Borowick
Julia Bowen
Nicki Bowman
Linda Bracken
Kathryn Brown
Emma Bull
Justine Burg
Dr Catherine Burrows
Kathy Campbell
Lisa Carlin
Sandy Chakravarty
Jackie Connor
Jennifer Cook
Professor Julie Cotter
Tanya Cox
Jane Crombie
Amber Daines
Julia Davenport
Gillian Davie
Sharon Dickson
Heather Disher
Arabella Douglas
Jennifer Douglas
Maggie Dowling
Ruth Faulkner
Caroline Ferris
Michele Fleming
Susan Forrester
Rhyll Gardner
Kylie Gilbey
Brynnie Goodwill
Cate Grindlay
Sue Hansford
Anita Hargreaves
Cheryl Hayman
Leanne Heywood
Amanda Heyworth
Isabelle Higgins
Lee Hillam
Trina Hockley
Dominique Hogan-Doran SC
Evelyn Horton
Kelly Howlett
Julie Hyam Elliott
Professor Vera Ignjatovic
Justine Jarvinen
Laura Jeffery
Stephannie Jonovska
Fiona Lang
Dominique Layt
Penny Lee
Sally Macindoe
Ariadne Magalhaes
Carmel Macmillan
Caroline McGuire
Patricia McKenzie
Erin McMullen
Jolene Morse
Diana Nestorovska 
Priscilla Nguyen
Deborah Nisbet
Marianna O'Gorman
Sandi Orleow
Darshana Parekh
Anna Phan
Keri Pratt
Judy Pridmore
Dr Shirley Randell AO
Sophie Ray
Natasha Rees
Sarah Richardson
Martina Rienzner
Mary Sue Rogers
Marianne Rose
Annette Ruhotas
Joanne Ryan
Jenny Selway
Cara-Ann Simpson
Kerry Skellern
Hannah Smith
Lelde Smits
Andrea Staines
Brooke Stanford
Priscilla Steven-Guiney
Amy Tankard
Maree Taylor
Bridget Thakrar
Dr Lyndal Thorburn
Cris Topfner-Rigby
Bernadette Uzelac
Deanna Varga
Mary Verschuer
Lisa Vitaris
Ali Wastie
Kerrie Williams
Susan Wilson
Emeritus Professor
Hilary Winchester

Jeanette Farren is CEO and founder of Lighthouse for Business - a business consulting advisory service - and in April 2023 was appointed to her first board role, as a Non-Executive Director with Eastern Innovation Business Centre. An experienced advisor who has ‘walked the startup business highway’ Jeanette is also the co-founder of one of Australia’ leading dog daycare centres, diggiddydoggydaycare. Jeanette launched the multiple award-winning start-up in 2007 and led the business to become a franchise-ready model, which she eventually sold to Australia’s largest retailer Petstock in 2018. Read more

Annie Haggar is a multi award-winning cybersecurity lawyer and founder of Cyber GC, a specialist cybersecurity and technology law firm. She recently joined the board of Music for Canberra and is also mum to two girls aged 3 and 5. In 2021 Annie won a suite of law awards including General Counsel of the Year (Australian Law Awards - Lawyers Weekly), Technology, Media and Telecommunications Lawyer of the Year (Corporate Counsel Awards - Lawyers Weekly) and Australian In House Counsel of the Year (Australasian Law Awards). Read more


Perth-based Alecia Hancock is the award-winning trainer and international speaker on nonprofit social media and digital marketing. With more than 12-years experience teaching and developing strategies with nonprofits, she is widely regarded as the go-to person for nonprofit marketing by CEOs and marketing leaders. Alecia began her career as a journalist and magazine editor interviewing celebrities like Adele, Matt Damon, Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Collins  and was the founder of Hancock Creative. She was recently appointed as a Director on the board of Girl Guides Australia after seeing the job advertised with WOB. Read more

Janet Attwood works for the NSW Department of Customer Service specialising in strategic change and digital transformation and has recently joined two boards - the  Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre and Central Coast Conservatorium of Music. She says doing WOB's Board Kickstarter and Build Your Board CV courses and networking events all helped prepare her for her two first board roles. "They were a great introduction and gave practical advice around what it takes to be on a board. I’d encourage all new members to at least do those two courses. I’ve also found the networking events to be very inspiring. I’m not a natural networker, so having the opportunity to find like-minded people and hear their insights in a small, friendly environment made it easy to start to build some connections." Read more

Queensland-based Sara Harrup is the former CEO of Foodbank Queensland and an executive coach and professional mentor. She has held board and executive roles in for-purpose, private and ASX companies and at the beginning of 2023 added three new boards to her portfolio as a NED with ETC employment and training provider, Jabiru Community Services and on the Customer and Community Reference Group of Urban Utilities. She is also on the board of Health Care Insurance. Read more

May 2023


Maree Davenport  has a wide breadth of experience, from her time as a Member of Parliament in Victoria through to serving on - and working with - many boards, as a CEO and running a consultancy business for nearly 20 years specialising in advocacy and communication, regulation and policy development. Maree is currently Chair of Endometriosis Australia, a NED of Tradeswomen Australia, the Dandelion Wishes Foundation, Inaugural Monash Children's Hospital Foundation, and served seven years as President of Wavlink adult disability service. She is also an ambassador for Carlton Football Club and a member of Carlton in Business. In this Lessons from the Boardroom, Maree ​talks about taking on her first Chair role, creating sustainable NFPs, getting more women into trades and the personal reason she applied for the role with Endometriosis Australia. Read more

February 2023

Wellington-based Dr Dianne Ball is a strategic change expert, management consultant and Strategy Director for Communio professional health services management and consulting company in New Zealand.  She likes the balance of having 'a foot in both camps' - as an executive and a board member and recently gained her first New Zealand board appointment with the New Zealand Psychologists Board.  Read more


January 2023

Jenny Smith is a respected member of the mental health sector and draws on her lived experience of mental illness to work with organisations that have a direct influence on mental health policy. In 2022 Jenny secured a position on the Country Executive Committee for the Global Mental Health Peer Network. She was also named Burwood Council Adult Volunteer of the Year in 2021 and was one of three local leaders voted as Westfield Local Heroes for Burwood in 2020, for her work as a volunteer youth mentor with the Raise Foundation, helping students overcome their barriers by sharing her own story of overcoming adversity, including anxiety and depression. As she says: “I love inspiring and encouraging others”. Read more

November 2022

Jacqui Walshe is a WOBSX graduate and recently completed its follow up program Board Encounters.  She currently sits on the boards of Southern Travel Holdings and Tourism New Zealand Board.  Here she shares her lessons from the boardroom, which include building your network outside your own industry and being clear on your value proposition. Read more.

September 2022

One of the hardest things in moving from an executive career to a non-executive career is learning to sit on your hands. Get more director insights from ASX NED Toni Brendish as she shares her 'lessons from the boardroom'. Read more

September 2022

The right role for you exists, and is waiting for you: put yourself out there and go find it. Once you're there, throw yourself into it. That’s the advice from strategic communications specialist Tegan Smith. With a background in science research and a PhD in Earth Science, Tegan is a ‘do-er’, bringing a logical and evidence-based approach to problem solving and decision-making in everything she does - whether designing board games or collaborating with board members. She is on the board of Australian Science Innovations (ASI), a not-for-profit organisation that runs the Australian Science Olympiads and Science development programs for high school students,inspiring bright minds to undertake STEM careers. Read more

August 2022

Child protection expert Dr Rosemaria Flaherty is an award-winning, highly regarded leader, senior operations manager and senior psychologist in the child protection, mental health, domestic violence, and health sectors. Rosemaria embarked on her board journeyin 2020, upon completing her PhD, and now sits on two boards combining her interests in child protection and the tertiary education sector - Act for Kids and UniSA Justice and Society Academic Unit Board.  Based in Grafton, northern NSW, Rosemaria is also an avid koala-spotter who fell in love with the iconic marsupial after doing a geography project on them in high school.
Read more

August 2022


With more than 25 years of experience both as a general counsel and senior executive in healthcare and emerging technologies Ilona Meyer has held executive roles with private and public companies, including ASX-listed companies and dynamic high-growth start-ups. Ilona has just shared her new role as incoming global General Counsel and Company Secretary of Nuix Limited (ASX:NXL) and is also a NED and Member of the Audit and Risk Committee of Micro-X Limited - an ASX-listed X-ray technology company. In this interview she talks about why she decided to pursue board roles - to be seen more than 'just a lawyer' - and her secret love of Fruit Loops. Read more

August 2022

Theresa Best's postive spin: Former Cricket Victoria NED on making a difference through boards. This year senior marketing executive and experience NED Theresa Best was appointed to the Barwon Health Foundation Board and  Australasian Birth Trauma Association - advertised through WOB. Before taking these two new roles, Theresa was a NED on the board of Cricket Victoria for four years  - a role she was encouraged to ‘throw her at hat in the ring' for and which she says was a "massive learning curve". In this interview Theresa talks about her experience with for-profit and sporting boards and how she wants to use her NED portfolio to help to effect positive change. "I want what I do on a daily basis to make a difference in people’s and family’s lives". Read more

July 2022

In early 2022, experienced education professional Alicia Kent-Rooney set herself one goal - to land her first board position. As she says, she "got the golden ticket straight up" on the board of YWCA Hunter. Not only did Alicia take her first steps into the boardroom, but it was also her dream organisation with an all female board and women-to-the-front agenda. Here Alicia - Head of Vocational Education Pathways at Arethusa College in Queensland and die-hard Eurovision fan - talks about getting her first board role, and why she gets up at 5 am once a year to drink lychee martinis. Read more

July 2022

The first woman in the world to run a lead and zinc blast furnace and refinery, Sharon Howes has had, in her own words, a “very eclectic career and some wonderful development opportunities” in mostly male-dominated industries. Starting out with a BHP Steel degree traineeship Sharon moved to aluminium smelting where she worked in community and government relations before moving to lead and zinc smelting where she went from managing the community health impacts of lead pollution to marketing slag and eventually running the refinery. From there Sharon spent seven years at Snowy Hydro, heading HR, Safety & Environment and lead a major research effort into augmenting snowfall.  “I’ve undertaken a lot of challenging roles and the diverse experience I have gained makes me refer to myself as a generalist” she says. Sharon is also an experienced NED and committee chair. Read more

July 2022

From tribal belly dancing to singing in a rock band, sports physiotherapist and clinical governance specialist Libby Soderholm is always up for a challenge. So while managing two allied health service businesses, the West Australian embarked on a board career. She is now vice chair of the South Coastal Health and Community Service which provides women’s health, mental health and Aboriginal health services in Perth and also vice chair on another not-for-profit helping rural disadvantaged girls in rural WA attend school. Read more

June 2022

Just keep learning: That’s the motto WOB member Ruth Ottewill lives by. As National Payroll Manager at Lucent Advisory business advisors and a board member with Diving SA and Northern Economic Leaders - a business leaders’ network in northern Adelaide - Ruth has gained significant experience in many industries and sectors. And yet her insatiable thirst for knowledge has seen Ruth return to the classroom with WOB - as a ‘student’ of  The Boardroom School and to WOB’s Build Your Board CV workshop - to bolster her board skills. As she says: “I believe in always learning and there is nobody on this planet that we can’t learn something from.”
Read more

(June 2022)

How amateur Muay Thai fighter Bridget Thakrar has found her strength in the ring - and the boardroom. In between facing opponents in the ring and raising two small children, amateur Bridget also sits on two not-for-profit boards - Refuge Victoria and Link Community Transport and is a people and operations executive with AgTech software company Sensand. Bridget is also the co-founder of In The Game, a game-based leadership consultancy, and is an Activator as part of the SheEO movement. An AICD qualified board member, Bridget has a passion for driving high-performance outcomes by way of cultural transformation.
Read more

(June 2022)

My first board role: How HR was instrumental in Amy Tankard's orchestra board move. Amy is CEO of Passive House Institute New Zealand - an incorporated Charitable Trust advocating for healthy, highly energy efficient homes and public buildings in New Zealand - and recently gained her first Board role on the volunteer board of Opus Orchestra - the professional orchestra for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region and the wider Central North Island. Read more


(May 2022)

From 'woman overboard' to woman on a Board - how a sailing accident gave Jackie Connor purpose. Jackie trained as an early childhood educator before moving into the printing industry for 17 years as a business owner. Now Jackie is an experienced Procurement Category Manager with Metcash. She is also on the Board of two not-for-profits: SPELD NSW which helps children and adults with specific learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia, and One Direct Connect which offers in-home and out of home services, including Meals on Wheels, to people on the NSW Central Coast. Read more 

 (April 2022) 

Economist and senior business strategist Ariadne Magalhaes loves learning languages  - in fact she can speak six, including her native Portuguese. Ari is on Red Nose Australia’s Community Advisory Committee and was recently appointed as a non-executive director on the Board of Arthritis & Osteoporosis Tasmania, a role she applied for after seeing it advertised on WOB’s jobs board. Read more

(March 2022)

Lisa Vitaris is an experienced marketing leader with particular expertise in high growth acquisition, digital technology and branding across financial services, automotive and travel industries. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Tyro, an Australian payments provider and business bank. She recently secured her first Board role with Engineers Australia after the role was advertised on WOB. Read more

(March 2022)

Serbian-born Professor Vera Ignjatovic is the Group Leader of Haematology Research at Murdoch Children's Research Institute and a former handball player who represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. A specialist in the field of paediatric thrombosis, Professor Ignjatovic is also an advocate for diversity, inclusion and gender equality, is on the Board of Toyota Community Foundation Australia and a member of the Women in Science Parkville Precinct (WiSPP) committee. Read more

(January 2022)

Board and legal professional, and former Australian diplomat, Diana Nestorovska speaks four languages (English, Arabic, French and Macedonian) and serves on the Boards of Melba Support Services and South Gippsland Water Corporation. She is also a member of La Trobe University’s Human Research Ethics Committee. She has served on the Board of Family Planning Victoria and the University of Wollongong’s University Council. Read more

(January 2022)

With 25 years experience in executive and legal roles in the media, technology and telco industries, Jennifer Douglas took the leap into full-time Board roles in 2016. Her tip? "Think about it as a career like any other and invest in it with education, research, networking and hard work." She sits on the Boards of Judo Bank, GUD Holdings, Hansen Technologies, Essential EnergySt Kilda Football Club and Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation. Read more

(January 2022)

Women on Boards member Sue Hansford has 30 years’ experience in the medical technology industry, is Managing Director for Australia/New Zealand of a listed US medical device company, Integra Lifesciences, focused on the neurosurgery market. Sue is also a NED with board experience in the not-for-profit sector. Read more

(December 2021)


Lisa Carlin started her career at McKinsey and now runs her own global advisory business, part of the FutureBuilders Group. Her portfolio of work includes advisory boards, and she mentors several Founder/CEOs in the HRTech, EdTech and workplace talent sector. She is an Advisory Board Member for Rebelliuz and a Non Executive Director for the University of Cape Town Australia TrustRead more

(November 2021)

Marianna O'Gorman is a non-executive director who likes working with companies ready to transition to a clean economy. Marianna’s career started at the World Bank in Washington DC working on its first organisation-wide climate change education program. She then moved to Canberra where she served as an adviser to the Prime Minister, Treasurer and later to the Minister for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation. In these public policy roles, she contributed to the design and implementation of a national carbon price and worked on the formation of (and later at), Australia’s Green Bank, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. She also represented Australia at climate negotiations in the Middle East, USA, Asia, UK and Europe. Marianna mentors founders of early-stage clean tech with Energylab. She is a recipient of the AICD Regional Leaders Scholarship and the Ross Garnaut Prize for Climate Change research. Marianna holds a Masters of Climate Change, a Bachelor of Law with Honours and has completed the AICD Foundations of Directorship course. 

(October 2021)

IT specialist Sharon Dickson is an award-winning diversity champion, transformation CIO, and beekeeper. Drawing inspiration from the collective decision-making of bees, Sharon has honed her board skills as Chair and NED on The Alliance for Gambling Reform, and previously Chair and Co-Chair of QBE Pride Committee. Here she talks about the collective brilliance of bees, changing the conversation about gambling addiction, and being an LGBTI+ role model. Read more

(September 2021)

WOBSX Susan Oliver syndicate member Jane Crombie has an enviable list of board roles to her name. But the former exercise physiologist, ski guide and outback wool grower’s journey from being the ‘new girl in town’ while living on a remote sheep station in Western Queensland (where the local health committee met in the pub) and accidentally getting her first Director role, to now sitting on six Boards and committees has been an interesting one.  She describes her first foray into Chairmanship as a “baptism of fire”, but one which set her on the path to develop her Director career further, and eventually go on to completing an MBA in her mid-50s. It was this decision she said which led to her securing a number of governance positions including her current role as a consultant with Directors Australia. Read more

(August 2021)

 Brynnie Goodwill is an international law graduate from Columbia University who today finds herself growing organic produce in the lower Hunter of NSW and serving on multiple boards. A strategist and non-executive director who has helped grow emerging businesses in health, sustainability and education, American-born Brynnie has held executive as well as NED roles and urges all women seeking to pursue boards to follow their passion.  Here she reflects on the challenges COVID has presented to health boards and shares her hopes for encouraging diversity and inclusion on boards in the future. Read more
(August 2021)

As Chair of Pony Club Australia and the eight-nation Pony Club International Alliance, as well as a Non-Executive Director of Geelong Animal Welfare Society, animal-lover Heather Disher understands the different challenges facing directors on sports boards and not-for-profit animal organisations - from decision making to fundraising. Here she talks about how the Tokyo Olympics is inspiring a next generation of equestrian champions and shares her tips on joining a sports board with Women on Boards.  Tip number one? Leave your ego at the door. Read more

(July 2021)

Lottery chair Susan Forrester AM has a lot of balls in the air. Serving on a range of corporate boards across a variety of industries since 2006, Susan is an accomplished business leader, Board Chair and Company Director with a portfolio spanning the the finance, telco and technology (SAAS) sectors. With strengths in strategy and governance within industries undergoing rapid change, Susan also has 30 years of broad commercial experience as a commercial lawyer, HR Director and CEO in professional services and the finance sector.  Read more

(July 2021)

Currently the youngest female Director of the Australian Shareholders Association, Lelde Smits is ranked as one of Australia's Top 100 entrepreneurs.

Lelde says her passion for truth seeking, value hunting and storytelling has fuelled her career as a journalist, presenter, co-founder and Executive Director of The Capital Network and advisor to listed companies and executives. Read more

(July 2021)

It’s no coincidence that Michele Adair is the CEO of one of NSW’s largest community housing providers, Housing Trust, Chair of the peak body for community housing in the state, Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) NSW, and a member of the Illawarra Property Council Committee. Her resolute passion to make a mark, which can be traced back to her own brush with homelessness, been critical to the work she has done in both her executive and board careers, where she has led for-purpose organisations such as Mission Australia, The Smith Family and Cystic Fibrosis NSW.
Read more
(June 2021)

Originally from the north of France, Isabelle Higgins is an experienced director whose passion for the environment and social justice saw her change her career 15 years ago. A trained engineer, she dedicated her work to large multinational corporations mostly in the petrol and oil industries. After spending some time in Asia, she saw the devastating impact these industries were having on communities and nature, and decided to return to university to study a Master of Environment. Since then, she has been working as an environmental consultant in diverse activities and pursuing Not-For-Profit boards since 2017.
Read more
(June 2021)

Maree Taylor has worked for more than 30 years in senior executive roles for global corporate conglomerates and as such, has amassed skills and expertise to the envy of her peers. Today she has a portfolio career and leads her own coaching and mentoring business, Reframe. Two years ago, Maree joined WOB’s team as a mentor in the My Mentor program and was recently partnered with mentee, Leesa Bauer. Hear about the experience of this mentor and why you might need a coach in your corner. Read more

(May 2021)

Leesa Bauer is a highly experienced and well-respected professional in business and operations management. She has worked for Westpac for more than 20 years, transitioning from one management role to another across the dynamic institution. Seeking to diversify her corporate profession, grow her directorship career and evolve as a leader, Leesa joined the My Mentor Program and was paired with notable mentor, Maree Taylor. Read more

(May 2021)

Meet Joanne Ryan, a communications, marketing and public relations expert who is passionate about advocating for small businesses and serving on boards and committees in her local community, the Sutherland Shire. In 2018, she was appointed President of the Sutherland Shire Business Chamber and under her leadership, the Chamber more than doubled its membership and revenue over a nine-month period and won the Business Chamber of Year Award for the Sydney Metro Region 2019. Just last year, Joanne took the plunge, despite the butterflies, and launched her very own community radio program, Enterprise. . Read more
(May 2021)

After 25 years of nursing globally, nationally, rurally and remotely in a range of different healthcare facilities, Justine Burg today is the After Hours Clinical Nurse Specialist at a tertiary hospital based in Perth. Always looking for a challenge and to further her knowledge and skill set, Justine was previously a sessional lecturer, but now focuses her passion and talents in the boardroom. When Justine isn’t supporting and advising on clinical matters, she is an avid folk dancer. Read more

(May 2021)

A Charted Accountant by trade, Kathryn Brown has worked in NZ, Australia and the UK for large international investors like Deloitte, Henderson Global Investors and ANZ Banking Group Ltd. A deep desire to give back to community and leave her mark led her to a career of directorship. Using her unique skills in funds management, finance, operations, and regulatory compliance, today Kathryn supports a range of not-for-profit organisations in the health and social services arenas. In this story, Kathryn shares what it was like getting started, her experiences as NED during COVID, and the advice she would pass onto her younger self. Read more

(Revised May 2021)

When it’s reported that Australia needs 6.5 million digital workers in the next four years by the Australian Financial Review to keep up with the rate of technological change, Stephannie Jonovska is the first to “Yes, let’s do it.” Known for her high energy and her ability to lead large organisations with humility, integrity and confidence, Stephannie prides herself on her ability to take action seriously. She is Non-Executive Director for Peoplecare Health Insurance, Chair at CPA Digital Transformation Centre of Excellence and had a long-standing stint as Director and Chair at WEA Illawarra both because of her impressive skills in business improvement, but also because of her insatiable passion and will to make a positive difference Read more
(May 2021)

Martina Rienzner is a former cabinet-maker who migrated to Australia more than 20 years ago from the foothills of the Alps in Germany. She is a self-made business owner who today is a respected Non-Executive Director for the Australian Overseas Foundation and Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre, a Senior Advisor to the Department of Education and Training, and serves as a member on several committees. Her deep appreciation for the valuable role migrants play in the social fabric of Australia is intrinsic to her style of leadership. Inducted into the Business Women’s Hall of Fame for her unique approach to stakeholder engagement, Martina is a governance and engagement expert with a passion for inclusive practice. Read more
(Updated April 2021)

It took courage for Annette Ruhotas to list ‘parent’ alongside her extensive professional credentials on LinkedIn, but her determination to capture her “whole self” was reason enough. Annette is an ESG social expert, an unconventional civil engineer and an ambitious Non-Executive Director, Chair and Board Member who currently sits on five boards and three committees, and she says that the juggle is about being real. A technical and analytical scientist who is deeply committed to creating social responsibility and shared impact, Annette shares her key takeaways from her diverse board portfolio and how being a parent has informed her career thus far. Read more
(Updated April 2021)

From the mass deregulation of the Australian grains industry; establishing South Australia’s largest publicly listed ASX company; to a future based business transformation led by the NDIS, Maggie Dowling is an Adelaide-based CEO and Non Executive Director (NED) who has been at the heart of landmark industry change. Today she is a NED for Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and CEO of Bedford Phoenix in the disability sector. Read how Maggie’s cross-sector experience has made her the board member she is today. Read more

(April 2021)

Arabella Douglas is a Yugambeh/Bundjalung woman with traditional ties to far North NSW and South East QLD who offers diversity and indigenous insights into social and economic value. With degrees in Business, Law, Economics and Aboriginal Studies under her belt, and currently adding a PhD in Economics to her commendable CV, Arabella has been pivotal in Board discussions for more than 10 years. In fact, she’s calling out all global leaders: “If you call yourself a global leader in any way, shape or form, and you have no idea how to act in a diverse way and bring diversity into utility, then you are not a global leader.” Read more
(Added March 2021)

Sandy Chakravarty, a highly commercial Non-Executive and Executive Director with global and Australian experience, calls Australia and India home. She thrives on change, she leads by listening and she’s not afraid to be courageous in the face of a new paradigm for Directors. As COVID dismantles societies, Sandy looks to the complexities of environmental, social and corporate governance with sensitivity and is equipped for the competitive landscape after recently graduating from the WOBSX— our director-led peer-to-peer support program designed to accelerate women into ASX board roles. Read more
(Added March 2021)

Rhyll Gardner, NED and portfolio executive, and Lucy Partridge, a real estate funds manager, know that regular searching of the WOB Vacancies board and responding to the targetted emails telling you that you should take a look at a role pays off.

Early in 2021 both women were appointed to Secure Growth Property Funds, a a new company that source and applies “hands on” strategic management to high growth property assets across Australia. Read more
(Added February 2021)

Jenny Selway (BEng Hons, B Sc, GAICD) is a non executive director and global engineering executive, highly skilled in the management and operation of major infrastructure assets in the energy industry.

Jenny made the shortlist for the board of Agribio with her background research and ability to discuss possible board concerns. But when she was asked to submit an updated CV for the Minister’s department she contacted Ruth Medd and they  decided she should use her board CV from the WOB workshop, rather than the professional CV I submitted initially. A good decision as it did a much better job of highlighting transferable skills. Read more
(Added February 2021)

Priscilla Steven-Guiney Director, Office of the Vice President, CQ University;  Member, Crisis Management Control Group, Associate Director Global Development, Non Executive Director The Ecological Society of Australia, Treasurer, RFSQ

Passion and a good board CV will position you for your board of choice. Priscilla Stevens-Guiney learnt this after leaving the conservation space to take on a career in higher education where she is the Director for the Office of the Vice-President for Global Development at CQ University. Today she is NED for The Ecological Society of Australia with hopes to one day, return to Parks Victoria where her journey first began.  Read more

(Added February 2021)

MME_Jennifer-Cook.pngJennifer Cook Advisory Board Member, Vennu; Member, Advocacy and Outreach for The Sydney Fringe Festival; Committee Member, Waverley Public Art Committee

Jennifer Cook might be fairly new to the Boardroom, but this human-centered design thinker knows what it means to bring the customer’s needs to the table. For the past 20 years, she has helped property owners, developers and managers create award-winning experiences and high performing places that customers love. Jennifer shares her tips for packaging your story, planning for the big vision and declaring what you want. Read more

(Added January 2021)

Lil Bianchi  NED 4D Medical,NED  Lirio, Director, BSB Solutions, NED, Australia Ethical Merino Growers Co-op Ltd

Highly experienced Non-Executive Director, Chair Audit and Risk, and former CEO, Lil Bianchi says directorship is both about your skill-set and your value-set. WOB had the privilege of speaking with this technology entrepreneur whose track record spans global listed billion dollar corporations, tech start-ups and international research.  Lil shares her key advice for all aspiring female directors: Be yourself. Read more

(Added January 2021)

Patricia McKenzie Chair Desalination Plant, Director AGL Energy, Chair NSW Ports

Personal life always impacts your professional life, but that’s not necessarily an impediment explains Patricia McKenzie, Director of AGL and Chair of NSW Ports and Sydney Desalination Plant. Patricia has had a full circle career that has uniquely seen her start and return to AGL after 40 years of working towards a better energy future. But it is her strides in confidence that is paving the way for the next generation of women. Read more

(Added November 2020)

Julia Bowen Director Jarrah House (Women's Alcohol and Drug Advisory Centre WADAC), General Manager , NED Medibank (2003-2009)

Julia Bowen's board career started in 2003 when she was recruited as an independent director for Medibank Private on the eve of their privatisation. Julia gives a reality-check perspective on why it’s harder for women to get onto boards, shares her passion for the not-for-profit sector and divulges why being a generalist has worked to her advantage. Read more 

(Added November 2020)

Tanya Cox Portfolio Director, Chair ASX Director

Tanya Cox is not only inspirational, but she’s a realist. WOB spoke with this highly experienced Chair and Non-Executive Director who currently sits on five listed and unlisted high growth boards to discover her secrets to becoming a successful, effective and in-demand Non-Executive Director. Here’s a clue: hard work, diversity and deep residual passion.  Read more

(Added November 2020)

Dr Karen Bennetts  Non Executive Director, Mansfield District Hospital, Member, Global Research Group and more

With 17 years’ experience in corporate governance and certification from the Australian Institute of Company Directors under her belt, Karen brings a suite of expert knowledge, skill and experience from her time working in government, for large multi-national and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as 18 years in the education industry where she specialised in the Montessori approach. Read more

(Added October 2020)

Michele Fleming Non-Executive Director, Trade & Investment Queesland.

Michele has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior Government Relations and Strategic Marketing Executive and Board Member with a strong focus on export strategies and high-level stakeholder engagement with Federal, State and Local Government. Read more

(Added 25 May 2020)

Jolene Morse. Non-Executive Director, The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association.

Jolene is a finance professional with extensive experience including regulatory engagement, frontline lending, audit, regulatory compliance, policy development and implementation, credit modelling, capital optimisation, risk appetite development, education, business risk performance and business transformation. Read more

(Added 25 May 2020)

Kerrie Williams. Non Executive Director. U Ethical Investors

Kerrie is a Non-Executive Director, with current board roles in the financial services sector. She has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services and retail, focused on business strategy and operational leadership. During this time she has also been a professional adviser to the boards of institutional investors on investments, risk and governance. She has a strong track record of shaping and leading teams and culture through change, and delivering complex strategic projects. In recognition of her contribution within the industry, Kerrie was awarded ‘Superannuation Executive of the Year’ in the 2017 Women in Financial Services Awards. Read more.
(Added 11 May 2020)

Martina Rienzner. Non Executive Director, Australian Overseas Foundation 

As a Senior Advisor to the Victorian Department of Education and Training, Martina is an engagement expert with a passion for regional development. Martina came to Australia as a skilled migrant, establishing a high-quality cabinetmaking business and training many young people in her craft. Martina’s entrepreneurial acumen and innovative workforce development led to business growth, multiple awards and induction into the Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame. Read more.
(Added 11 May 2020)

Gillian Davie Non Executive Director, The Scout Association Australia

Gillian is a Non-Executive Director with ASX C-suite experience and commercial leadership. She has a depth of experience in leading workforces through times of crisis, re-building, transformation and major change in large complex businesses both domestically and overseas. Read more

(Added 1 May 2020)

Caroline Ferris. Head of Separation, Commonwealth Bank

Caroline is an experienced executive with nearly 20 years in Banking at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. She has had diverse roles across the CBA Group; working in areas such as transformation projects, divestment projects, development and launch of new products and services, customer experience initiatives, marketing and payments development. Read more

(Added 24 April 2020)

Natasha ReesDirector, Community Grants Hub, South Australia

Natasha works for the Australian Government as an Executive in the South Australian Office of the Community Grants Hub. She has experience in both federal and state government administration, spearheading public policy reforms in disability, ageing, carers, housing and employment to improve the lives of vulnerable Australians. Read more


(Added 20 April 2020)

Emma BullHead of Political Engagement for Oxfam Australia.

Emma is a professional advocate, specialising in public policy, politics and strategic campaigning. Currently the Head of Political Engagement for Oxfam Australia, Emma tackles extreme poverty and inequality around the world by engaging and persuading decision-makers. She works to change minds, systems and lives. Read more

(Added 6 March 2020)

Lee HillamCo-Director, Dunn & Hillam.

Lee is co-director of Dunn & Hillam Architects, which was founded in 2001 with Ashley Dunn and is established as a practice with expertise in heritage, regional towns, arts and culture and sustainability. Dunn & Hillam Architects is a certified B Corporation. She is a Board member for Southern Cross Housing. From October 2016 through to April 2019 Lee worked in a variety of roles at Government Architect NSW centred around Design Excellence, design competitions and heritage. Read more
(Added 18 February 2020)

Marianne RoseEthica Legal Solutions.

Marianne runs the national consultancy Ethica Legal Solutions where she works with corporate businesses that need strategic, legal and governance planning support. Marianne has a passion for ethics and governance - This enables her to bring emotional intelligence, integrity, and innovation to the clients and boards she works with. Read more

(Added 9 December 2019)

Claire BibbyCommsChoice Group, Marist 180, My Property Circles & the UTS Law School Advisory board.

Claire is a senior lawyer who consults as Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel of Immediation, is a non-executive director of CommsChoice Group (ASX:CCG), Marist180, My Property Circles, and the University of Technology Sydney Law Advisory Board, and is a professional coach and mentor. Read more

(Added 5 November 2019)

Bernadette Uzelac. Women Into Leadership.

Bernadette has more than 25 years’ experience as a Board Director across various sectors including aged care, education, the arts, disability services, government, regional development and business. Bernadette’s executive career includes over 20 years as founder and Chief Executive of a successful recruitment and human resources company and, until early 2019, was Chief Executive of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, a role she held for more than eight years before embarking upon a non executive director career path. Read more
(Added 4 November 2019)

Erin McMullen. Company Secretary Australia.

Erin is an experienced Company Secretary with over nine years experience for various ASX listed companies, unlisted companies, private companies and not for profits. In addition to the Co-Sec work, one of her key focus areas is incorporating companies and business name registration. Prior to this, Erin worked in Executive Support and Managerial roles across a number of sectors. Read more


(Added 4 November 2019)

Dr Shirley Randell AO. Indigo Foundation & Sport Matters.

Shirley is an award-winning global mentor, educator, author, public speaker, change activist, and campaigner for human rights. She has provided specialist technical assistance to governments and agencies in Africa and the Asia Pacific Region over the last 20 years as a leading expert in education, gender mainstreaming and human rights in developing countries. In 2010, she founded and was first Director of the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Rwanda. Shirley was an Australian Inaugural Women of Influence in 2012, a TIAW World of Difference Awardee in 2013 and winner of the Institute of Managers and Leaders ANZ Sir John Storey Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award in 2018. She is a distinguished alumna of the Universities of New England and Canberra and an adjunct professor of the Universities of Newcastle and Canberra. Read more

(Added 1 November 2019)

Lisa Borowick. Goldman Group, State Emergency Services, Governors Maccabi Australia.

Lisa is a chartered Accountant with 30 years experience in Commerce, industries include corporate travel, residential property, recruitment & accountancy. Read more

(Added 10 September 2019)

Deborah NisbetCPA Qld, SALDA (Speech & Language Development Australia) & Volunteer Queensland.

Deborah is an experienced Non-executive Director and Finance Executive with a demonstrated history in strategic management. An active listener who seeks to strengthen deliverables through strategic, innovative initiatives. Skilled in Not for Profit organizations, Stakeholder Engagement, Business Planning, Team Building, Fundraising, Governance and Management. Read more

(Added 10 September 2019)

Brooke Stanford Central Coast Conservatorium of Music.

Brooke’s early career was in the Commonwealth public service in compliance related roles. Brooke then practised as a solicitor in private practice in dust diseases litigation, before joining the NSW public service ten years ago. Brooke has held a number of roles during this time including as an Analyst, Legal Officer and Executive Officer. Her expertise is in regulation, governance, risk management, policy and legal which she has used to deliver better outcomes for vulnerable people in the community services sectors. Read more

(Added 10 September 2019)

Claire Alexander Southwest Hospital and Health Service (SWHHS)

Claire is a senior manager with expertise in strategic financial management and over 20 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors, including local councils and the water industry and earlier experience in tourism. Read more

(Added 2 September 2019)

Cara-Ann Simspon Living & Learning Pakenham Board & Board Secretary at the AGM

Cara-Ann is an artist, curator, cultural heritage expert and previously an executive director with experience across local government and NFP organisations. As an artist, I have exhibited across Australia and internationally, as well as publishing several peer-reviewed papers for international journals and conferences.. Read more

(Added 27 August 2019)

Linda Bracken The Australian Horse Industry Council and the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Linda is a leading digital strategy consultant and talent coach. With a career spanning over 30 years in the media and digital sector, Linda has led some of the most innovative areas in the ABC as the Manager of Triple J, the Head of Content and Digital for ABC Radio across Australia and as the Head of Audience Strategy and Digital Experience for the organisation. Read more

(Added 13 August 2019)

Heather DisherPony Club Australia and Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).

Director, General, Operational, Transitional and Growth Manager that creates, oversees and develops sustainable operations, superior customer communication, cultural engagement and high growth while offering valuable solutions to the complexities of how businesses can thrive in a changing world. Read more

(Added 13 August 2019)

Sally MacindoeMelbourne Cricket Club.

Sally is Executive Counsel and former partner and past Chairman of Norton Rose Fulbright Australia.  In addition to her Planning & Environment practice Sally continues to lead the strategic discussion concerning Diversity and Inclusion with the national and global executive of the firm and more broadly within the business community and legal services industry. Read more

(Added 24 May 2019)

Dr Lyndal ThorburnCapital Health Network Ltd, Viria Pty Ltd, Enabled Employment Pty Ltd

Lyndal has over 30 person-years’ experience on the boards and councils of 9 private companies, not-for-profits and industry associations.  She has founded two companies and has been Managing Director/CEO of four organisations.  She has also had 6 advisory roles for government and research agencies.  As a Board member, Lyndal has held roles as committee member and chair in finance and risk, HR and strategy as well as board chair. Read more
(Added 16 May 2019)

Judy PridmoreDirector of Family Life, Melbourne Community Television Consortium Ltd and the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association.

Acknowledged C-suite executive with a track record of building start-ups and multi-national businesses in the digital and technology space, including News Limited, Westpac and Southcorp. Broad industry experience leading business transformation through to developing e-commerce and marketplace businesses across sectors, including banking, media, education, sport and global FMCG food & beverage. Read more
(Added 15 May 2019)

Anna PhanBaptistCare NSW / ACT.

Anna is the Executive Officer at Erina Baptist Community Care, a not-for-profit company which supports the local community through the provision of services including an Early Learning Centre, a Men's Shed, and a Counselling division. In 2018 Anna was also appointed to serve as a Non-Executive Director on the board of BaptistCare NSW / ACT. Read more

(Added 13 May 2019)

Penny LeeCentral Coast Conservatorium.

A highly proficient legal professional with strong leadership skills and extensive experience in governance. Penny has devised robust policies and implemented significant strategic operational procedures for the NSW government. Presently one of only three female mining inspectors in NSW with a proven ability to influence and negotiate with key stakeholders. Read more

(Added 3 May 2019)

Dr Catherine BurrowsRegional Advisory Committee of TAFE NSW Western Region.

Catherine is a strategic thinker who brings forensic insight to problem solving. A reformer with sophisticated stakeholder management skills, she brings a collaborative ethos to her work. Her focus is on improving organisational performance at the individual, group and organisational levels. Catherine is a member of the TAFE NSW Western Region Advisory Council. Prior to this she was a member of the Community Reference Group for the Centre for Health Record Linkage. Read more

(Added 29 April 2019)

Kristie AtkinsRestaurant & Catering Industry Association Australia and HMRI Sydney Foundation.

An inspirational senior executive who grows businesses by combining sophisticated change and general management, sales and marketing skills with a dynamic leadership style. Kristie is accomplished in driving profitability and market share while retaining a focus on costs and creating environments in which people can flourish. Broadly experienced in areas including business transformation, general management, driving innovation, sales, marketing, business development, communications, PR, event management and sponsorship. Read more

(Added 8 April 2019)

Babette BensoussanSunshine Coast.

Successfully operating as an entrepreneur, consultant, company director, board member, author, academic and business coach, Babette has served as an advisor to organisations and business leaders around the world. Her personal presence and communication skills, in addition to her other accomplishments, have awarded her the status of being one of the most internationally sought after corporate speakers on Competitive Intelligence and Strategy. Read more

(Added 8 April 2019)

Kerry SkellernGalvin Engineering Advisory Board, Bendigo Community Bank and Avondale Golf Club.

Kerry is a Chair, Non-Executive Director, Business Adviser and Mentor. She has particular experience in the industrial infrastructure, healthcare, building, technology and chemical industries. Kerry has an engineering and science background, beginning her career in petrochemical manufacturing. She transitioned through Environment, Health & Safety management to Strategic Sales & Marketing, including product commercialisation and innovation. Read more
(Added 5 April 2019)

Hannah SmithShop! Association ANZ, formerly known as POPAI ANZ

Hannah is a Sales and Marketing leader with extensive experience in Category Management across many categories and multiple channels. She also has extensive experience in education and training and is an excellent presenter. Read more
(Added 5 April 2019)

Mary VerschuerMaxitrans ASX:MXI, The Infants Home, Tafe NSW Sydney Region Advisory, Nuplex ASX:NPX

Experienced non-executive director with a background as an international CEO. Core skill set aligned to global industrial B to B sector, in particular packaging, chemicals, mining services and building products. Extensive international strategic, operational, R&D and governance expertise including time on the ground in Asia. Strong track record of leading and growing businesses through difficult economic and cultural challenges, with a focus on new product development and integrating acquisitions successfully. Read more

(Added 3 April 2019)

Andrea StainesSeaLink (ASX), Freightways (NZX), UnitingCare, Tourism Australia, NDIS.

Andrea has been a professional Non-Executive Director for over a decade and is currently on the boards of ASX-listed SeaLink Travel, NZX-listed Freightways, Tourism Australia, UnitingCare and NDIA (the NDIS Agency). She was formerly on the Boards of QIC, ASX30 Aurizon, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), Gladstone Ports, North Queensland Airports, Allconnex Water and ASX-listed Early Learning Services (now G8). Read more
(Added 2 April 2019)

Susan WilsonInnovation & Business Skills Australia, Australian Training Products and Advisory Boards – Start up Muster and Agrifutures Australia Emerging Industries Panel (Deputy Chair).

Building on an international, cross-functional executive career in start-up to multinational companies across the agri-food, health, biotechnology and manufacturing sectors, Susan’s work has extended across academia, Federal and International Government portfolios in governance and C-suite operations; building innovation capability in precinct development, strategic commercial partnerships, workforce skills, commercialisation, entrepreneurialism, trade and investment. Read more
(Added 2 April 2019)

Debra AndersonTax Practitioners Board, numerous technology and industry advisory boards including the ATO’s Tax Practitioners Stewardship Group, STP for Micro-businesses, ATO’s Digital Implementation Group.

Debra is an award-winning small business specialist, accountant, industry advisor, and one of Australia’s leading online accounting consultants for MYOB, Intuit & Xero.  Debra is the author of ‘Taking Care of Small Business’ and has several local and international awards for both small business advisory and accounting technology to her name. Read more

(Added 2 April 2019)

Trina HockleyTAFE Qld, Ohana for Youth, Arcadia College, The Spot Academy, Sports Gold Coast, Gold Coast Sporting Hall of Fame, OZ Esport

Trina is a well-respected business owner of the L & M Group of Companies and an experienced, qualified non-executive director with a background in training, education, sport, employment, retail and governance (BHMS, GMQ, FAICD JP (Qual)). Trina’s business interests are located on the both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Wollongong. Read more

(Added 2 April 2019)

Wynne BellJob Centre Australia (JCA).

Wynne has actively supported boards and subcommittees across the not-for-profit sector. She has experience in advising board members on governance, operations and complex insolvency matters; and providing secretariat support to subcommittees. She is an experienced project leader both within and with the public and not-for-profit sectors. Read more

(Added 21 February 2019)

Carmel MacmillanMater Foundation, MS Queensland, Lagberry Pty Ltd, Piovesan Nominees, Queensland Poetry Festival, Philanthropic Relations Committee MS Queensland, Mater Foundation’s Lotteries & Community Faundraising Committee.

Carmel is the Principal of CM Strategy Consulting, a consulting firm that delivers results for organisations in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing and branding strategy. As a board chair and non-executive director, Carmel is active in the not-for-profit and commercial sectors adding specific value to governance, strategy, marketing and fundraising discussions. Read more

(Added 6 November 2018)

Kelly HowlettBloodwood Tree Association Inc., Care for Hedland Environmental Association Inc., WA Country Health Service, WA Country Health Service Audit & Risk Committee, WA Primary Health Alliance Country Community Advisory Council Establishing Committee.

Kelly has lived in Port Hedland for nearly 19 years. During that time, Kelly has demonstrated leadership in raising the awareness and profile of the social and natural environment in Port Hedland and the Pilbara. Kelly has served as the Mayor of the Town of Port Hedland and the Pilbara, the youngest mayor in WA. Kelly is also a passionate advocate for Aboriginal affairs and the environment. Read more

(Added 6 November 2018)

Cate GrindlayYour Community Health and Queen Elizabeth Centre (Ministerial Appointment).

Currently General Manager for mlcoa in Victoria (a MedHealth company), Cate is an experienced healthcare executive with expertise in change management, clinical governance and strategic leadership in clinical quality & safety. A background as a front-line clinician has provided an appreciation of the complexities faced by the health workforce, and the context in which healthcare organisations operate. Cate has recently received a Ministerial appointment to a public hospital board. Read more

(Added 29 October 2018)

Laura Jeffery. Playgroup Australia, Non-Executive Director and Chair, Finance Risk & Audit Committee Alyangula Daycare Incorporated, Chairperson.

Laura is a qualified accountant distinctively skilled in strategic financial management, asset life-cycle planning, stakeholder engagement, governance and financial modelling. She has demonstrated success in a diverse range of roles across Finance, Remuneration & Benefits, Maintenance, Major Projects and Analysis & Improvement within the world’s largest resources companies including BHP and South32. Read more

(Added 15 October 2018)

Sandi OrleowStatewide Super Investment Committee, Infrastructure Capital Group, ACT Treasury Investment, Women in Super and Audit and Risk and formerly NSW WIS.

Sandi has worked globally and locally in financial services for over two decades, with a focus on superannuation, investment management, consulting and research. She has the benefit of having worked across business functions so has relevant experience in management, sales, marketing, accounting and investing. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Justine JarvinenMilton Corporation Limited, Wattwatchers and Pollinate Energy.

Justine has more than 24 years of experience spanning the energy, finance, charity and university sectors, and has held technical, commercial, strategic, advisory and board roles across the energy value chain. She has been employed by ExxonMobil, Shell and AGL Energy, and was a leading energy equity analyst at JBWere. She is currently Chief Operating Officer of the University of NSW Energy Institute and co-founder of Finncorn Consulting. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Ruth FaulknerNorth Queensland Primary Health Network, Neami National, Mental Health and Wellbeing Australia, James Cook University Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, Mareeba Shire Council Audit Committee and Australian Physiotherapy Association Audit and Risk Committee.

Ruth is an experienced and successful business consultant with extensive international experience of working with SME business owners, CEOs and boards. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Fiona LangBBC Studios Australia and New Zealand, UN Women National Committee and Football NSW.

Fiona brings deep, well developed skills, including the following key ones: (1) experience in the board room gained from sitting at the board table for reputable and key international corporates, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the United Nations agency, UN Women National Committee here in Australia. She understands the complexity of balancing various stakeholders and world leading brands and positions. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Deanna VargaSydney Improvised Music Association Board, Biz Events Asia – Editorial Advisory Board Member and Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania – Cultural and Creative Industries Expert.

Director of a boutique consultancy with 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Specifically, revenue generation and strategy for cultural attractions, media, global hotels (specifically Accor), convention bureaux (Sydney and Melbourne), destination marketing organisations (Tourism Australia) and previously Executive of the Australian National Maritime Museum. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Anita Hargreaves.Canberra International Music, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Disciplinary Tribunal.

Anita is an experienced senior executive with a track record of successfully leading corporate divisions in various public service organisations and implementing strategic change programs who is transitioning to a portfolio career. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Keri PrattThe Junction Works and CIMA Society of Australia and formerly Gymnastics Australia and Women in Super.

Keri is a professional with significant experience in investment sales & marketing, management, superannuation & business consulting and strategy, and is an experienced company director. She sits on several finance industry association committees/ boards and has developed extensive networks in the industry. She is also involved in industry advocacy for women and fund raising. Outside of the finance industry, she is a NED on a national sports board and a disability services business. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Darshana ParekhSkyBuys and Welcome Dinner Project (formerly Joining the Dots).

Darshana is a lawyer who moved from practicing insurance litigation in Brisbane to moving her career into an in-house role in Sydney. Darshana works closely with the board at work, advising on all commercial matters across Australia and New Zealand. The exposure to business decisions led her to enrol in the MBA with the University of Sydney. Darshana recently joined her first board and in between, she keeps fit by doing Pilates. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Sarah RichardsonPortfolio Director

Seasoned board and executive leader in charities, SMEs and multinationals in Australia, France and US. Consult across for-purpose, government, resources, tourism, consumer/b2b, franchising, industrial and technology sectors. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Dominique Hogan-Doran SCFormerly a non-executive director of several not-for-profit foundations and associations including the Menzies Foundation, National Foundation for Australian Women, Australian Women Lawyers and Club Plus Super.

Dominique is a well-regarded Senior Counsel at the independent Bar in Australia, specialising in commercial disputes resolution, regulatory investigations & enforcement, and public inquiries involving governance or integrity issues. She is also experienced in policy development, directorships, and a broad range of committees. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Amanda HeyworthIngenia Communities Group Ltd, People’s Choice, UniSA Ventures, Centennial Park and the Commonwealth Innovation Investment Committee.

Amanda is a professional company director who serves as a board member or board adviser on listed and unlisted boards in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. Her board career has spanned property, technology, finance, not-for-profit and Government business enterprises. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Priscilla NguyenPerth International Women’s Day (IWD) Committee.

I came to Australia as a boat person with my younger sister when I was 18 years old. Since then, I overcame many obstacles including battling the difficulties of a new language, adopting a new culture and supporting myself and my younger sister while studying without parental guidance at a young age.  I graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree from UWA and on graduation, was employed as an engineer with Telstra. Read more

(Added September 2018)

Kylie GilbeyNon-Executive Director Ocean Gardens Inc, Member of Ocean Garden Audit and Risk Committee, Immediate Past Chair and current member of Freshwater Council. 

Kylie is an experienced non-executive director. She has many years’ experience in the banking and financial services sector, both in Australia and overseas. She brings skills in financial structuring, financial services, property and construction and general risk questioning and identification of risk/strategy areas. Read more 

(Added August 2018)

Jane BellUCA Funds Management, Monash Health, Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, Deputy Chair of Bio Medical Research Vic and Chair of Advisory Committee for Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance.

Non-executive director since 2002 serving on 11 Boards in funds management, insurance, OH&S, health, medical research and the water industry. Independent thinker well versed in corporate governance, setting strategy, risk management, stakeholder management, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, change management, renewing culture and growing shareholder returns. Read more

(Added August 2018)

Cris Topfner-RigbyAustralian Women in Payments, Australian Red Cross National Board and Friends of Coolart.

Cris is an advisory board member and senior executive with expert knowledge of digital technology and transformation across payments, real time systems, business transformation, IT privacy, data management and security. Worked in heavily regulated environments – military and financial services ­ managing risks and compliance. Drives performance through strategic management, culture change, operational re-engineering, business process and complex digital technology transformation. Read more
(Added August 2018)

Caroline McGuireAustralian HR Institute (AHRI) Board and Re-think Re-engage Australia.

Caroline is an HR Specialist and Coach at Clariti Consulting. She is also the Queensland State President and a non-executive director at the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). Caroline uses neuroscience and coaching methodologies to deliver leadership development, coaching and HR consultancy services. Read more

(Added August 2018)

Dominique LaytSomerville House Foundation.

Currently, as Head of Stores & Specialty Banking Delivery at Suncorp Group, Dominique oversees the performance and insights, operational management, help desk support, sales and business development frameworks and coaching, and executive reporting. Her commitment to leadership and mentoring has seen Dominique Chair the inaugural Suncorp Women Connect, an Employee Resource Group focussed on gender equality. Read more

(Added August 2018)

Ali WastieAlexandra District Hospital.

With degrees in Arts, Education and a Masters of Business Administration (Diplomacy and Trade), Ali has held executive positions within the Victorian Public Service and Local Government. She is  an accredited and experienced executive coach and mediator and has successfully filled the role of Director on numerous boards across a range of areas including tourism and marketing, not for profit, health and community services. Read more

(Added August 2018)

Kathy Campbell.Uniting AgeWell, Brisbane North Primary Health Network.

Kathy has held executive roles in healthcare for over 15 years including with public and private providers, consulting firms and vendors in Australia and Canada.  She worked in the finance industry for many years before moving into healthcare.  Kathy is the Principal of Ockham Consulting which provides specialised eHealth consulting to health services, government agencies and medical/research alliances. Read more

(Added July 2018)

Emeritus Professor Hilary WinchesterChair of the Academic Board of the Australian Institute of Business.

Emeritus Professor Hilary Winchester specializes in Higher Education Quality Assurance following her academic career which culminated in her role as Provost of Central Queensland University 2012-2016 and Interim Vice-Chancellor July-Oct 2016. She is a highly experienced Board member, quality auditor and reviewer, a finalist in the Queensland Telstra Business Women's Awards 2016 and winner of the Australian Higher Education Quality Award 2011. Read more
(Added June 2018)

Evelyn Horton.Centuria Life, Motor Accidents Insurance Board, Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation, Mission Australia and others.

Evelyn is a full-time company director, specialising in public policy, risk management and finance. She spent thirty years as an executive: 12 years at the Reserve Bank and the Commonwealth Treasury; and 15 years in investment banking. Read more 

(Added June 2018)

Nicki BowmanDress for Success Sydney Inc and Football South Coast Limited.

Non-executive director with blue-chip senior management experience across a number of disciplines. Strong focus on risk and governance built on several years of commercial and corporate legal practice, first in a top 10 law firm and later in-house with BHP and BlueScope Steel. Read more

(Added June 2018)

Dr Monique BeedlesAsset Management Council & the Institute of Management Consultants.

An experienced board director for over 20 years, Monique has worked across commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations. Author of Asset Management for Directors. Read more


(Added  June 2018)

Professor Julie CotterExercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), Darling Downs Hospital & Health Service, Australian Agricultural Company (AA Co) Scientific Advisory Board & others. 

An NED with experience in the health, education and agribusiness sectors. She is an Emeritus Professor of the University of Southern Queensland with expertise in accounting and finance, agribusiness, ESG, research and innovation. Read more

(Added 8 June 2018)

Amber DainesWomen for Election Australia, International Football and Tennis School.

A self-made CEO, trainer, podcaster, author and media addict who is a mother to two young boys. Amber has worked in communications for almost 20 years with experience across local and international in traditional media, PR, fundraising and relationship marketing in government, business and creative. Read more

(Added June 2018)

Julia DavenportNED and Deputy Chair Children’s Book Council of Australia; NED Lindsay Dynan.

Julia is an energetic and innovative thinking board director who brings four years board experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors. A skilled strategic thinker, Julia worked at senior executive levels for many years in professional services (legal, accounting and management consulting), working with CEOs and boards and on various Executives, Not-For-Profit and local government committees. Read more

(Added June 2018)

Leanne HeywoodOrocobre – ASX200 Lithium Miner, Australian Meat Processor Corporation – The Rural Industry Research & Development Corporation Supporting Meat Processors in Australia and others.

Leanne is an experienced NED, marketing and finance professional who brings extensive international marketing, stakeholder management and team leadership experience in China and Japan, Mongolia and Singapore, India, and South America. Read more

(Added June 2018)

Julie Hyam ElliottP & N Bank, Australian Invoice Finance, Investment Committee – NSW Trustee & Guardian & Audit & Risk Committee, NSW Department of Industry.

Julie has a diverse commercial background developed through senior management positions in global corporations and with pivotal roles on high profile Public Sector Boards. Read more

(Added June 2018)

Sophie RayBig Fat Smile, Shoalhaven Women’s Resource Group, Director of Silos Estate Winery

Sophie is an experienced company director who has worked in Australia and internationally across private and public businesses, professional services, and not for profits. Previously, Sophie sat on the Board of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation and spent fourteen years as a corporate lawyer in Australia & the UK. Read more 
(Added June 2018)

Mary Sue RogersSave the Children Australia, Women on Boards Australia and advisory board positions.

Mary Sue is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of leadership positions from CEO to Partner in global professional services organisations such as Talent2, IBM and PwC. She has a strong focus on business strategy and transformation and is considered an expert in the HR and Talent market, with significant experience and track record in strategy, outsourcing, consulting, technology services, mergers and acquisitions. Read more
(Added June 2018)

Cheryl HaymanClover Corp & HGL Ltd, Chartered Accountants Aust/NZ, Woman on Boards, AIFST and others.

Professional independent NED, with current portfolio encompassing ASX-listed (CLV and HNG), public unlisted Chartered Accountants Aust/NZ, Women on Boards and AIFST. Cheryl has experience across Finance, Audit and Risk Committee as well as Remuneration & Nominations Committee. Read more 

(Added May 2018)