Dr Jolene Morse
Jolene is a finance professional with extensive experience including regulatory engagement, frontline lending, audit, regulatory compliance, policy development and implementation, credit modelling, capital optimisation, risk appetite development, education, business risk performance and business transformation. 

Jolene is passionate about risk, strategy and process improvement and how these elements can work together to create a competitive advantage and contribute to community prosperity.

What boards and committees do you currently sit on?

The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) board.
Inglewood District Health Services Board (IDHS). 

When and why did you decide to pursue boards?

I've always had a desire to pursue a director position but didn't have the capacity until after I completed my Doctorate last year.  
I then decided to pursue a board position because I want make a contribution utilising my skills and experience in an organisation that was of interest to me, but not in my current field of expertise, so I could give something back.

What challenges and hurdles have you had to overcome in pursuing board roles and/or serving on boards? 

I'm located in regional Victoria and wanted a position on a board that I believed in and could contribute to.  Finding the right organisation, that was flexible with location was a difficult combination.  I learend that it's mportant not to make assumptions and to always ask the question about location flexibility if a particular board is of interest to you.

Have you had mentors and/or sponsors and have they helped you? if so, how?

I have had a mentor who holds a number of board positions.  He provided a well rounded view of what was involved in being a director and was a good sounding board.

How did WOB help you in your journey to the boardroom?

WOB is an amazing resource. From the advertisements, webinars, and all of the associated resources, there's always something you can pick up, read and learn from.
I found the AOPA role advertised on the WOB website and I don’t think I would have come across it otherwise.

Any tips for women starting out their journey to the boardroom?

Think about what is important to you, why are you pursuing a board position and what do you want from it?  
This will clarify your purpose and make searching for a position easier, as you will be targeted and focused. This pre-work will also reflect in your application and interview.
Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for advice or opinions, people are usually willing to help.
Finally, just remember, keep your objectives front of mind because every time you don't obtain a position, it provides you with an opportunity to improve your next application.