Wendy Teasdale Smith: Face of WOB for Standing Out in the field of Leadership

Your motto is 'Everyone deserves to overcome fear and be heard'. What message do you give to women who feel they lack the confidence for public speaking? 

The amount of people who allow their fear of public speaking to limit them from being all they can be is astonishing. I get significant satisfaction from helping people overcome their fears and shine. I also do a lot of work with women in particular, on developing their professional presence and how to be heard at powerful tables. 

How does it feel to be chosen as one of the Faces of WOB in the field of leadership?

I am delighted to be recognised in this way. It is an honour. I know some of the other women who have been named as one of the Faces of WOB and I know I am indeed in exalted company!

What do you like most about being WOB’s SA Representative

I love being the SA representative of WOB. I believe I was the first WOB member based in Adelaide. As SA representative I organise all the events in Adelaide. I really enjoy meeting WOB members at events. I always leave feeling motivated and inspired. I think WOB offers something extra and different than other organisations that support women – the areas of visibility, presence, and marking your mark in your industry are covered by WOB and I have never experienced this anywhere else.

Tell us something surprising about yourself

I have won a Toastmasters District Award for humorous speaking – my speech was ‘I Have a Resting Bitch Face’! I had to compete online via zoom and all of the audience had to have blank screens so I had no feedback.

Also, I am in a book called Elizabeth Champions which is a book written to celebrate successful people who were born and brought up in Elizabeth, South Australia. This is where Jimmy Barnes was born and the inspiration for his song Working Class Man.

About Wendy

Wendy is Women on Boards’ South Australia representative, President of Adelaide Toastmasters Club and an experienced public speaking and presence coach. Wendy is also a Non-Executive Director of Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) and founder of the business ‘What the Stuff’, which specialises in public speaking. An MBA Lecturer at Kaplan Wendy has a successful background in the education industry and was previously the CEO of SATAC. Her motto is ‘Everyone deserves to overcome fear and be heard