Nadia Moffatt: Face of WOB for Standing Out in the field of Disability & Inclusion

Why is the focus on Disability & Inclusion so important to you?

It is really important for me to instigate changes that will eventuate in better outcomes for people from a diverse background in the future. I am fortunate enough to be quite articulate. I am able to identify contradictions between policy and outcomes, articulate them and query the lack of outcomes or poor organisational performance as a result of my business experiences and education.

I believe that diversity at the decision-making level is not about corporate social responsibility. Diversity has an impact on organisational performance. Organisations that value diversity are realising the benefits through increasing market share, improving customer service and improving safety in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, there are barriers to organisations increasing diverse representation.  There is resistance to change in many areas. I feel that some look at diversity inclusion as a “charitable task”.

I feel that this shows a lack of understanding. It is important to appoint competent people, whether they are from diverse backgrounds or not. I believe that the disproportionate appointment of people from a diverse background demonstrates ineffective recruitment practices. There are competent people across all population groups.  

What  are your greatest achievements in this area, to date?

Firstly, to advocate for disability to be added as a diversity topic alongside gender, age and ethnicity in the 3rd edition of the Corporate Governance Principles.  I contributed to this by writing to the chair of the ASX Diversity Council (see pages 12 and 13 of the 3rd edition of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations).

Secondly, as Chair of a governance committee, the CEO and I developed an initiative to create trainee board positions for people from a diverse background.  Our goal was to create an opportunity for learning and development and potentially pathways.

I also continue to focus on my growth and development. I see every appointment that I successfully achieve as a pioneering change. The integration of a diverse mindset creates opportunities and diverse ways of analysing problems and creating solutions.

I am also particularly proud of being the recipient of an Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day in 2021 for “Services to community health particularly for people with a brain injury”.

What have been the biggest challenges in creating change and making a difference in this field?

The biggest challenges have been overcoming systemic and attitudinal barriers.  This has been a challenge particularly in situations where people in positions of power resist change and will sometimes “turf protect”.  I see this as a cultural issue where this does happen.

Why is it so important for more women to be involved at a Board and leadership level in promoting awareness around Disability & Inclusion?

I feel that as women have often had to work hard to achieve inclusion on boards and in leadership they might possibly be more aware of the benefits of integration and more appropriate representation.

What does being chosen as one of the Faces of WOB mean to you?

I am always happy when I have an opportunity to be included amongst well performing members. I see this as an opportunity for learning and development.  I hope that sharing my insights will make chairs and boards open their thought processes to new opportunities.

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