Outplacement Partnership with WOB

Women on Boards is delighted to partner with organisations to assist the women and men affected by restructures, planned redundancies, termination or employee redeployment programs with their professional and personal development.

Women on Boards is an independent, action-oriented company that assists women and men to leverage their professional skills and experience into non-executive director and other board level roles.

We support in the four key areas of: 

  1. career & professional development;
  2. skills for leadership;
  3. board readiness; and
  4. building your board room capability via strategic and practical programs, events and services

All programs are discounted heavily for subscribers and employees of our corporate members.

Women on Boards will assist affected employees by extending an organisation's corporate membership to them for a limited time. This includes the opportunity for those who are enrolled to:

  • register for any public WOB workshop or event at subscriber prices (typically a 30-40% discount). Please note these events will need to be self -funded.
  • enrol in the My Mentor program (fee paying) which is only accessible to subscribers.
  • access the full list of available board vacancies
  • explore executive education and directorship programs with our partner, INSEAD 
  • attend any of the webinars, that WOB runs exclusively for the corporate member
  • attend a number of online events e.g. WOBChat at no cost
  • complete your WOB profile - an important step as will not only assist WOB to better understand your professional and transferable skills, but it can also act as a template for your CV.

How do you enrol with WOB?

  • Organisations: The Outplacement partnership can be included as part of your corporate membership with Women on Boards. To discuss this further, please contact the WOB Corporate Partner & Member Manager via corporate@womenonboards.net.
  • Employees: register your interest with your employer or contact corporate@womenonboards.net to learn about company specific arrangements.
  • If you are not already registered on the Women on Boards website now is the time to do so. Register as a Member  with your personal email address. The email address you use for your WOB membership needs to be provided to the responsible person at your former employer. Once these steps have been completed they will notify Women on Boards who will add you to the corporate membership.
  • For those currently enrolled with Women on Boards as a corporate subscriber yet no longer with the organisation, please login to your account and update your corporate email to your personal email address. Please ensure you provide the responsible person at your former employer with your updated email address for access to the corporate membership with WOB.

Opportunities on offer

Visit the Women on Boards Events Calendar for dates and locations.


Getting Started: Realising your Board Potential

(to be self funded)

Face to face foundation WOB workshop with women from other companies and organisations. Men are welcome to attend.

Claire Braund, WOB Executive Director and Yasmin Chalmers (past participant) discuss Getting Started.
    Image-Claire-Braund-2.jpg   Yasmin-Chalmers-(1).jpg                                                                   

Board CV Masterclass

(to be self funded)
An intensive workshop that enables you to concisely position your capability, credibility and clearly highlight your value proposition. At the end of the workshop and follow up sessions you will have a freshly minted CV.

Learn more with Claire




If you have any queries about these workshops please contact the Women on Boards office on 02 43210100 or by email on: corporate@womenonboards.net