Update your Ethnicity

....for better matching and improved cultural understanding.

Women on Boards has recently made some additions to the data that we collect about you. As part of your profile, you are now invited to specify your ethnicity and relevant skills when you login to WOB.

Add Your Ethnicity

On your profile you are asked to identify one ethnicity. Note that we only allow you to choose one, so please make it the ethnicity which you most strongly identify with.

WOB is seeking to capture your ethnicity for two reasons:

  1. To assist us track the cultural diversity within our membership base.  This is a key remit of the Cultural Diversity Committee and will help us to understand where we need to improve our service and reach.
  2. We are increasingly getting enquiries for culturally diverse board and committee members.  This will help us to better respond to such requests.

Update Your Skills

Just above the ethnicity field you can add your relevant skills.  You can select an unlimited number of skills, which will be used to better match you to board and committee vacancies.  It will also assist to ensure you receive relevant SNAP vacancy emails.

Note that when you login you may see that there are already some skills listed in this field. These have been autogenerated from your board and professional positions and may be out of date. So please be sure to review and update your skills.

Login to your dashboard here
Update your skills and ethnicity.  It should only take five minutes.

If you’re having trouble logging in and need assistance, please email WOB us at