The popular Women on Boards Getting Started: Realising your board potential workshop is a tried and proven formula for getting more women into the boardroom.  This workshop has been run hundreds of times in Australia and the UK and refined to make sure that you leave with an understanding of the Why, What and How of taking on a board position. 

There are many things to know about applying for and achieving success in the pursuit of a NED or trustee role. Other courses teach you about finance and corporate governance to help you address your NED skills gaps. We tell you the tips and tricks to landing the roles and help you understand how your skills and experience will add value in the boardroom.  Some of the things you'll take away from the workshop include:

An understanding of the type of roles you are qualified to apply for

  • clear practical advice on constructing your board resume - your key selling tool 
  • a network of new professional peers; do not under-estimate the value of this supportive and high-quality network
  • clarity on the process of achieving boardroom success, the hurdles that you face and how to overcome     them
  • the value of board roles in strategically managing your long-term career
  • an overview of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of directors

Above all the workshop aims to encourage and inspire you to take the next step:

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a huge amount - in particular, where and how to start the process of considering NED roles etc. I came away feeling very energised and inspired to make things happen."