Cheryl Hayman

December 2018

MME_Hayman_Cheryl.jpgCheryl has been a professional independent Non-Executive Director for over 11 years with a current Board portfolio encompassing ASX-listed, public unlisted and not-for-profit organisations. She is a Non-Executive Director of ASX listed companies, Clover Corp and HGL Ltd, and is on the board of Chartered Accountants ANZ (CA ANZ),  WOB Pty Ltd (Women on Boards) and the Australian Institute of Food, Science and Technology (AIFST). Cheryl is also Chair of Luk Beautifood and an Advisory Board member of Entropolis, and edu-tech start up.  Cheryl has significant experience in the development of brand and marketing development and strategic pathways for member organisations, is Deputy Chair of Peer Support Australia (education) and has previously worked as a Director for many other diverse multi-stakeholder organisations.

What are your goals for directorships / board roles?

To secure one further medium sized ASX or public unlisted board which has a focus on growth, and innovative approaching their marketplace. I am keen on Boards that are led by skilled management and a high functioning Board of Directors focussed on strategic and customer orientated programmes for growth, and with a firm eye on the sustainable future of the organisation.

What value did you see in accessing the formal, director-led peer-to-peer support provided by WOBSX to achieve these goals?

The opportunity to work with a small, impressive group of female colleagues with careers representing their diverse corporate experiences. To share our learnings and to grow professionally aided by the direction and insights of an expert Board Chair, as I further my own Board journey.

What is the most valuable element of the program to date?

The individual sessions with Jon Brett, our Chair leader and his placing me in a room which enables me to tap into the group of different, expert people that Jon is bringing to each session, each presenting a varied view on the professionally areas and pieces that are required to build a Board portfolio.

What are you learning about serving on an ASX board?

It isn’t for everyone, it definitely takes time to undertake and receive these opportunities, and that it isn’t always the only opportunity worth pursuing, or building towards. That there are many boards which provide professional growth and experiences, and who need and value the skills and expertise that I can bring. To consider how I can pitch my experiences and ensure that I appropriately target Boards that I am keen to work with, where I can add maximum value, who have strong and relevant members, and to ensure that these ASX boards also meet and suit my goals to further my career.

What has impressed you about; a) the process, b) the syndicate leader and c) your fellow participants.

The process is well structured, has purpose and we are given time to prepare the tasks Jon sets before each session. Jon is a communicative, and skilled Chair and Syndicate Leader, who ensures he checks what we might wish from our sessions, and is therefore keen to provide us with maximum value at each session. He is open, authentic and supportive. My fellow participants are very open as well as impressive. They are all highly skilled and have enormous depth of career expertise. It will remain a solid and colleagial group for a long time after the WOBSX formal programme concludes.

What is the best advice you can give someone who wants to apply for the WOBSX program?

You should definitely do it, but be prepared to challenge yourself and the road you’ve been travelling, to change things such as your resume, your elevator pitch, LinkedIn profiles and your attitude to approaching the right Boards for you. It’s a very safe environment to be open, and to know your conversations are protected and respected by the other participants.

ENDS - September 2018