Next Generation of Female Leaders' Program

How to apply

  1. Complete a covering letter outlining:
    • Why you should be considered for the program
    • Your leadership aspirations
    • How you would benefit from and apply the program.
  2. Complete your WOB profile online* and attach a PDF with your application letter / OR attach a short two-page CV.
  3. Register and pay the $44.00 application fee.
    NB: Register for either the scholarship OR a full fee-paying position - not both. If your scholarship application is unsuccessful and WOB considers it appropriate you will be invited to reapply in the fee paying category.
  4. Email your covering letter and WOB profile/ or short CV to by 15 February 2019. We strongly recommend that you seek your employers’ support (if required) prior to submitting an application. We have written a draft letter to your employer for you to edit and assist you in getting support - click here.

* Only WOB Subscribed members have access to complete their online profile. Non members can attach a short two-page CV. ‚Äč

Selection criteria for fee paying applicants

Fee paying applicants are expected to meet the following selection criteria:

  • Female occupying a key management or senior role (or equivalent) and/or identified as, or with aspirations to be, a leader within their organisation or professional sector.
  • Able to articulate leadership aspirations.
  • Able to outline how they would seek to benefit from the program.  
  • Able to financially support participation either from an employer or personally.
  • Able to attend three two-day sessions in Sydney, NSW and to commit to external work for the action learning project.

Click here to register for a fee-paying position



For enquiries about the program please phone the WOB office on 02 4321 0100 or email