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Old Quarter Coffee Merchants:  Sourcing quality coffee and supporting  African farmers

COVID 2021 UPDATE: Old Quarter Coffee Merchants has the advantage of being based in Ballina, northern NSW.  It imports, roasts, sells and serves ethical, specialty coffee from ethnic minority farmers in Southeast Asia while showcasing rare coffees from lesser-known growing regions. Over the past four years Old Quarter Coffee Merchants has built direct trade relationships with the ethnic minority villages and farmers that grow the best coffee beans in the region.  It is now in fundraising mode for sophisticated investors. Contact is Stephen Moss.


WOB member Amelia Hicks and partner Yosir have a coffee roasting business in Ballina, NSW.  They source 100% traceable, sustainable, ethical coffee beans. They understand that coffee is a powerful force for change. Their Mission is to purchase specialty coffee of the highest quality, direct from the farmers who grow it and then support the farmers to improve and succeed. 

Pain point 

Their business model represents a new paradigm in coffee trade, one where farmers are placed at the top of the supply chain, ensuring they are valued and everyone from farmer to customer benefits. Specialty-grade coffee comes directly from small scale farmer owned cooperatives. There is no middle person in the buying process, meaning every cent goes straight into the hands of the farmers, helping them to improve their livelihoods and direct their own future.
This buying relationship supports community development projects that focus on best practice organic farming, education, healthcare and clean water initiatives. Old Quarter Coffee is on its way with investors, staff and an operating business.  It needs pathways to expansion and additional investors. It’s Located at Roastery & Espresso Bar, 2/6 Endeavour Close Ballina 2478.

To get involved

Contact: Amelia Hicks
Mobile 0423 415 980, website