An online self-directed course that provides the tools, templates and guidance to enable you to create a quality board CV. Upgrade options available if you need further support.

Included Modules

  • Module 1: Your Board CV Fundamentals, virtual presentation on the Four P's of crafting your CV (available as PDF)
  • Module 2: Pitching at the Right Level,  a packed module with an annotated Board CV, PPT presentation on how frame your expertise, achievements and transferable skills (available as PDF) plus some handy handouts.
  • Module 3: Operating in the boardroom, virtual presentation by Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director WOB UK.
  • Module 4: Key mistakes & case studies, virtual presentation on what NOT to do (available as PDF)
  • Module 5: Final checklist

Cost: Free for Premium Members, $175 for Full & Corporate Members. $395 for Basic Member

Upgrade options

  1. If you are still struggling to do your Board CV after completing the course, you can call the WOB Office and upgrade to the virtual workshop (usual fee $550) with experienced WOB facilitators, Claire Braund and Ruth Medd, for a 15% discount on the full price.
  2. If you would like to have a 30 minute review and conversation with Claire Braund  then there is an option to pay an additional $130 to access this service. 


Testimonials from WOB Members who have completed the online self-directed Board CV Course

Short, sharp & focusses on the key areas to ensure you have a Board CV to land your NED position
Thoughtfully put together, very helpful. The attached resources are much appreciated. It's comforting to know that further help with the Board CV is available if needed.