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Track your digital footprint with The Social Index

​Your digital footprint can significantly and positively impact your board and career prospects. This tool offered in conjunction with The Social Index and accessible to WOB Full Members only for $250.00 helps you track and manage your online & social media presence.

Almost everyone has a digital footprint. Understanding an individual’s reputation, level of influence and their network is more complicated.   Many recruiters and search firms look online for candidate information, knowing that it can illustrate your industry leadership, your network reach and how your online reputation aligns with your offline presence.

The Social Index is a unique online tool that can accurately aggregate and analyse a candidate’s digital footprint to determine their personal brand, their reach and ‘fit’ – their alignment to a particular company’s brand, its culture and values and present it to you in an easy-to-read infographic report.

The insights can be used to have deeper conversations, which in turn allows for more decisive hiring decisions and positive employment outcomes.


  • Build your reputation: Understand how your digital footprint can give you an edge in interviews and give you tangible examples of how your ‘reputation fits the role.
  • Skills analysis: see a snapshot of your skills as shown on both your CV and digital footprint so you  can provide better examples of your experience.
  • Be better prepared: know how to showcase your professional reputation and relevant attributes for the role and the business.

How to use the Social Index?

As an affiliate of The Social Index, Women on Boards has access to a co-branded micro-site, to members to access a unique report to helpsyou understand social media presence. This is about the value of your online reputation so you can be better prepared for interviews, career planning and general changes in the workplace.

This user-friendly snapshot of your online presence will help you:

  • Understand the key elements of your public online reputation so you can be better prepared for interviews & career conversations.
  • See how your career timeline, key skills, experience, relevant interests & other insights are seen by others, so you can showcase or fix gaps!
  • Check the sentiment of your comments & posts.
  • Manage your online reputation and personal brand to enhance your career choices.
  • See your online reputation in a workplace friendly info-graphic report. 

The Social Index is compliant with relevant Australian privacy legislation and has developed an engagement process for the individual that confirms this compliance and aligns with best practice talent processes.  No passwords required and only public data is analysed so the report focuses only on what is relevant to an individual’s needs in the context of the workplace.