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Legacy Leadership e-Book

The emergence of a new leadership model after more than a decade of crisis

A WOB publication in partnership with Carolyn McSweeney-Grant.

The enormous scale, complexity and urgency of an organisations’ challenges demand more purposeful and sustainable leadership behaviours. Leaders who have the vision and values, the character and competence, to shape the future while also balancing short- and long-term goals, and a sustainable, psychologically safe organisational culture, have a place in this ‘new world’.

  • How do some leaders successfully and responsibly lead their organisation through global competition, wars, depressions, recessions, crises and pandemics?
  • Why do some leaders stay ahead, despite what is going on around them?
  • How do they continually outperform competitors over the long term?
  • How can shareholder expectations still be achieved while contributing to social and environmental concerns?
  • How do shareholders adapt to changes in markets, regulations, consumer behaviour and technologies, and many other challenging events, and yet, still manage to flourish?

Be guided by a set of six core foundations and 12 principles that form the core of 'Legacy Leadership', a form of leadership that acknowledges the importance of ‘human skills’, including a deep understanding of emotional and social intelligence, to stay ‘true’ during stressful, uncertain times. Download a sample text.

There is also a legacy leadership competency framework and assessment that can be used to develop the next generation of leaders.