Surviving a Cyber Attack 

Webcast Recorded 10 August 2022


Board members need to understand how long their organisation could survive financially if they had to halt operations due to a cyber incident. This is regardless of whether their business has a well-practiced plan to respond to incidents or if the goal is to make the organisation more secure or compliant. 

In this webcast we hear from Anna Leibel Co-founder of the boutique advisory firm The Secure Board and leading expert in cyber security and technology. The event is facilitated by Claire Braund, WOB's Co-Founder & Executive Director.


Anna Leibel GAICD

Anna is a Director of The Secure Board, a Non-Executive Director and senior executive across the financial services, management consulting, telecommunications and technology industries. With three decades experience in leading customer, business and digital change, she is a sought after advisor to Boards, Chief Executives and IT leaders on transformation, data, cyber, leadership and culture.