Psychological Safety in the Boardroom

Webcast recorded 20 October 2021

In this WOBChat, Claire Braund spoke to a guest panel about the impact of COVID-19 and what Boards and Executives need to be thinking about, from mandating vaccinations to risk management and workforce planning.


  • Carolyn Grant, Author - People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020 -2021 (Australia)
  • Helen Storckmeijer, People & Culture Director at ACS (Australian Computer Society)


Psychological safety is a lead indicator and precursor of quality decision making in the boardroom.
The inaugural People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020 -2021 (Australia), has found that psychological safety is a lead indicator and precursor of quality decision making.

Claire discusses psychological safety in the boardroom with the author of the Benchmark Report, Carolyn Grant and Helen Storckmeijer, Director of People & Culture at the Australian Computer Society.

´╗┐Understand what Psychological Safety really means and how and why Boards need to be taking action on this issue.

Carolyn Grant - Author

Carolyn is an organisational experience transformist, helping organisations improve business results by changing how they deal with customers and their employees. She has a strong focus on strategy, marketing, interaction design, communications, psychological safety and leadership practices. Carolyn’s previous research has included, ‘The Value in Emotional Engagement in Customer Interactions’ and the ‘Psychological Safety of Boards and its Effect on Decision Making’.

Carolyn is the founder of 6peas Marketing & Engagement, the People + Science Psychological Safety & Performance Benchmarking Tool, Valid8 Innovations and a Best Practice Communications Framework based on neuroscience learnings. Carolyn helps clients, both individual and corporate, to enhance employee and customer experience founded upon psychological safety to accelerate and sustain business success.

Helen Storckmeijer, People & Culture Director at ACS (Australian Computer Society)

Helen Storckmeijer

Director of People & Culture at the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and founder of Everything People & Culture, an HR Consultancy, Helen is known for her ability to create change by helping organisations unleash their teams’ individual strengths and differences to drive business performance by embedding psychological safety. With over 18 years’ international Finance, Organisational Development & HR experience within Financial Services and Technology industries, Helen supports HR, Functional and Executive Leaders in designing talent strategies that get results.

Helen has a BSc degree in Economics and uses her commercial and financial acumen to ensure her clients see the correlation between an engaged and psychologically safe workforce and improved profitability.

By optimising their attraction, retention and talent development strategies, she has helped companies globally build enduring commercial success while embedding psychologically safe cultures for employees to thrive in.

Fluent in four languages, Helen has worked and lived in 8 countries, she has experienced first-hand the value of appreciating difference, the positive impact Diversity & Inclusion and collaboration brings employers. Helen’s passion and mission has since become to educate employers on the power of psychological safety, collaboration and diversity in the workplace.

A certified Executive Coach, Helen’s blend of international corporate experience, exposure to different cultures, ability to develop compassionate leaders and years of experience coaching and educating clients around the world, enable her to bring a different perspective to organisations that truly believe their people are their most important asset.