Cultural Competence and Humility Explained

Webcast recorded on 13 July 2022

How can we be a more culturally competent and culturally humble leader/board member? Listen to our WOBChat with Leadership Coach, Simeon Boseley to understand what these important concepts mean and how you can develop them.

Cultural competence and humility are essential leadership attributes. Cultural competence is about having the right skills, knowledge, experience, and desire to work effectively with culturally diverse people. Although an admirable goal, being a culturally competent leader is just the start point. Consider, for example, the primary categories of difference like race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, and physical ability. Can you truly become competent and learn everything you need to know about one of these unique groups? Let alone how to effectively apply that knowledge to the uniqueness of individuals that straddle several categories? Well, the answer is obviously no. This is where the concept of cultural humility can add value.

Hear from Simeon Boseley to find out what cultural competence and humility means and how you could develop them. The discussion will deepen your awareness, knowledge and skills and develop mindfulness.

Simeon Boseley 

Simeon is a highly capable and experienced Coach, Leader, Retail Consultant and Non-Executive Director, who has held General Manager positions in Operations, HR and Marketing. He has been accountable for managing multi-billion dollar business units, leading teams of over 9,000 strong and for developing and executing strategy in some of the most well known brands in the UK and Australia, including Sainsbury’s, Bunnings and Target. 

He has always known that the formula for success for any person, team or organisation, is intrinsically linked to maximising the potential of the individual and it was with this in mind that he founded BExceptional Consulting. Through BExceptional he provides executive and leadership coaching, leadership development and retail consulting services both domestically and overseas.

He has a Masters (Dist) in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, a BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing and a Diploma in Positive Psychology & Well-Being. He is currently studying for a Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy and his other credentials include Certificates in Neurobiology, Workplace Psychology and Neuro-economics. He also has accreditations that include Strengths Development, Emotional Intelligence, E-Coaching and Mindfulness and he is a certified Senior Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.   

His unique blend of practical leadership experience, coaching expertise and the very latest credentials from the worlds of behavioural and coaching psychology, support his passion for helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their personal and professional objectives. 

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