The Power of a Strong Culture

Webcast recorded 3 June 2020

Research shows that an organisation with a healthy culture is 1.5 more times likely to achieve 10-15% revenue growth; 1.7 times more likely for its teams to collaborate; and its people will be more connected and focused. In this webcast Matthew Croxford, head of Human Capital at Grant Thornton, delves into the power of culture and how it is at the core of setting expectations and organisational performance.
Is your culture moving you towards health or somewhere else?  You need to know, because culture always wins!
While surveys measure staff “happiness”, happiness does not shape culture. And culture is NOT about keeping staff happy. To tackle survey outcomes, you need to understand what is causing them in the first place and tackle the fundamentals of culture in your organisation.
Listen to hear how:

  • CULTURE is about shaping outcomes and setting expectations.
  • CULTURE is a governing mechanism – it says what you can and cannot do.
  • CULTURE is a mechanism to protect the health of an organisation. 


Guest Presenter:  Matthew Croxford - ‚ÄčPartner & National Head of Human Capital, Grant Thornton Consulting


Matthew has extensive experience in individual, group and organisational development, executive coaching, strategy creation and implementation, employee engagement and talent management.

Over the last 20 years Matthew has designed and delivered leadership development programs for over one thousand leaders both nationally and internationally across mining, education, energy, water, retail, state and federal Government, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

Specialising in the development of high performing teams, Matthew has worked at all levels from Board to operational teams.

Matthew is also experienced in providing support and strategic direction for restructuring, leadership transitions and culture change.

Examples of Matthew’s work includes:

  • Development of over 100 internal organisational development consultants to transform a major Australian retailer.

  • CEO transition and executive team development – Regional utility.

  • Executive team development – international University.

  • Organisational Culture measure, design and develop – International Professional Services firm.

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