Directing a NFP with Jane Rowan

Webcast recorded 7 June 2023


In this webcast, Jane Rowan, an experienced Executive Director of a non-profit organization, shares her knowledge on the challenges of running an NFP. With a focus on her own organization, EDFA, Jane delved into the history and purpose of the non-profit sector, discussing the key challenges faced by new NFPs and how she successfully navigated these obstacles.

Jane rowan

Executive Director, Eating Disorders Families Australia 
Non-Executive Director, Upbeat Arts Australia
Foundation Director, Somerville House Foundation

Jane is a passionate advocate for mental health reform, who has worked in business and non-profit sectors. She is a Non-Executive Director of Upbeat Arts Australia and the Somerville House Foundation. A Graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Jane is also a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia and the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association. A mother of four children, Jane is a parent with lived experience, having cared for a daughter with Anorexia Nervosa.