Crafting a Board Portfolio with Fiona Jolly

Webcast recorded 3 May 2023


In this webcast, Fiona Jolly, experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Lawyer, reflected on how she built up her board portfolio while juggling executive roles and raising four children, the value of professional development and being part of the first WOBSX syndicate, and why persistence pays off. 

Fiona Jolly

Non Executive Director, GNS Wholesale
Independent Lead Director, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
Director, Classification Board of Australia
Non Executive Director, Goodwin Aged Care Services
Non Executive Director, Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW Southern Region
Non Executive Director, Choice
Councillor, HCF Australia
Deputy Chair, Radiation Council ACT

Fiona is an experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Lawyer with significant experience across advertising, media, sport and rural sectors. The common thread: a passion for helping businesses achieve success by providing services, goods and information that consumers want in an effective, ethical manner. 

Fiona is expert in complaints handling and industry code development and review. Her sector specialities include communications, advertising and marketing regulation, trends in traditional and digital media and technology, and international trade and advertising experience.

She brings government relations and regulatory affairs expertise and networks to Boards along with insights into community and consumer issues.

Fiona has significant achievements in Board positions, including extended periods Chairing national non-profit organisations. Fiona brings integrity, energy and a passion for collaboration. She is results driven, determined to deliver and is committed to ethical governance.