World Wide WOB and the three MMMs


When the plane trip from UK to Australia starts to drag I usually listen to the three tenors on the entertainment system. 

So, it was while enjoying the glorious sounds of Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti on my recent return trip from the UK that turn my mind turned to WOB’s three MMM’s.  That is -  the Maldives, Malta and Mongolia. 


WOB has members in 85 countries at last count and a physical presence around Australia (on the Central Coast) and in the UK (in a building dating from 1770 and worth a visit if you are in London). We are regularly approached about setting up operations or providing services in other countries. Some of those countries who have expressed interest may surprise you – such as the three MMMs, while others, such as The Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore may not.

We take all approaches seriously, however to ensure any WOB operation is successful and scalable we need to work with a local partner(s) who understand the local market and can bring something to the table.  That might be sponsorships for an initial launch, dedicated in-country resources, a group of potential members, supportive male and female board members etc.

As a starter, our webinars are suitable for WOB members in most other countries and we are working on increasing our virtual services for 2018. So if you have colleagues and friends overseas please send them in our direction or, if you have a mind to bring WOB to the world please get in touch.

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