Kathleen Conlon joins the team


Highly regarded NED, Kathleen Conlon, will chair the next WOBSX Sydney Syndicate in 2020.



WOBSX is a Chair-led peer-to-peer mentoring program that accelerates women into ASX board roles. It aims to get 25% or more of participants onto ASX or equivalent boards within two years of completion of the program.

Kathleen Conlon is one of the most connected people in NED land in Australia. After two years of trying to find a space in her busy schedule, we have been able to sign her up as our next WOBSX Chair. This is a huge win for WOBSX and for the program participants who will have the privilege of learning from Kathleen, having their Board career influenced by her and becoming known in Kathleen's extensive network.

This may be your only chance to gain a place on the next WOBSX syndicate, so we encourage you to apply soon.

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