WOBSX Launches Syndicate 5

The latest WOBSX syndicate kicked off in Sydney in November 2019, chaired by Rob Shaw from Credit Corp (ASX:CCP). The syndicate is named after well known NED and Chair, Susan Oliver AM and is the 5th syndicate in the highly successful WOBSX program.

The 14 participants spoke about the great relaxed dynamic established early on by syndicate chair, Rob Shaw, which gave the women the opporutnity to participate and share equally.
This resulted in "some excellent tips/nuggets spread throughout the session, with program participants saying Rob's own bio was insightful and gave personal colour as well as the relevant points of his exec roles and examples of different boards to bring to life different points."
The focus areas for the syndicate are:

  1. Marketability and individual collaterals (CV’s, bios, LinkedIn profiles, introductions, elevator, three key skills matrix)
  2. Focussed & targeted activities to secure listed company roles and well paid engaging private company roles.
  3. Confidence to keep going on the journey despite the obvious challenges.
  4. Developing relationships that energise you on the journey.
The women on the syndicate are:
  1. Linda Bracken
  2. Jeanette Brooks
  3. Jennifer Cook
  4. Catherine Costello
  5. Jane Crombie
  6. Catherine Dubé
  7. Joanne Ford
  8. Kim Jones
  9. Kirsten Mallam
  10. Denise North
  11. Sara Pantzer
  12. Vicki Potts
  13. Jennifer Robertson
with adjunct, Sarah Richardson
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