WOBChat: Sexual harassment legislation and strategy activation


New sexual harassment laws and strategy activation are the two topics which will be up for discussion in the first WOBChats of 2024, which kick off this month.


WOBChat is a one-hour moderated online session with a guest speaker sharing insights, experiences, and expertise with WOB members. Held between 5pm and 6pm, WOBChat provides a facilitated and friendly environment in which members can be educated on and discuss a specific topic or issue. The event is complimentary to Premium, Full, Corporate and Champion WOB Members.

On Wednesday 14 February, join Claire Braund in conversation with WOB member, Lisa Carlin from FutureBuilders Group for an online discussion on strategy activation for 2024. 

It’s that time of year when you’re probably preparing for a strategy day or planning refresh. How satisfied were you with last year’s strategy and the outcome delivered? In what ways could your strategy be improved: either the process, the overall strategic direction or fast tracking the actual execution? 

Lisa will talk about better approaches to strategy, including recent trends to open strategy approaches that involve more people. While being more inclusive and setting the scene for faster and better execution, it definitely does not mean that strategy is democractic! 

Lisa enjoys sharing ideas to improve strategy execution and transformation, and has over 6,000 subscribers to her newsletter, Turbocharge Weekly. Here is an article she has written on the Future of Strategy.

Next month, Wednesday 6 March, we will be joined by employment law and workplace health and safety lawyer, Kate Walawski, who will discuss the new compliance obligations under the Respect@Work Act. 

Many Board members are either not aware of or ill-prepared for the Australian Human Rights Commission’s new powers, which started in December 2023, the Sydney Morning Herald writes in this article.

In the virtual WOBChat, Kate will discuss the increased exposure and extended obligations that arise under the new legislative measures to address and eliminate sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The session will focus on:

  • an examination of the key changes arising from the Respect@Work Act and the consequential amendments and intersection with theFW Act and the Sex Discrimination Act;
  • what does the new positive duty look like in practice and what is the increased liability for failure to take positive action;
  • changes to the powers and functions of the Australian Human Rights Commission and what they mean for organisations and board members;
  • what is now required of employers and board members to ensure compliance with the new legislative requirements; and
  • what measures should be implemented in order to minimise risk and exposure.

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WOBChat - Strategy Activation with Lisa Carlin

14 February, 5-6pm

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WOBChat - Compliance Obligations under the Respect@Work Act with Kate Walaski

6 March, 5-6pm

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