WOB Vacancy Board postings up, with more paid roles


Good news for WOB members looking for paid board roles on our Vacancy Board, with 2022 seeing more vacancies posted and just over two-thirds of those were for paid roles.


A sneak peak of WOB Executive Chair Ruth Medd’s annual vacancy review (due out in January 2023) shows an increasing number of vacancies posted  on the WOB Vacancy Board in 2022, with a pleasing number of those roles offering remuneration.

As at the end of November 2022, a total of 69% of positions posted were paid.

“WOB is keen to increase the number and quality vacancies on the jobs board. Of particular interest is the number of paid vacancies; realising that many WOBers have a full slate of unpaid roles.”

Meanwhile, in much the same vein as ‘Bird of the Year’ and ‘Word of the Year’, Ruth can also reveal WOB’s ‘posting of the year’. Drum role please….

It was Job Vacancy ID28123 AHPRA Board vacancies which received the most looks in 2022.

Keep an eye out for Ruth’s full Vacancy Review out in January. And in next week’s newsletter - the last for the 2022 - Ruth will be presenting her final Snap Vacancy Review for the year. 


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