WOB Standard Plan for board vacancies produces more qualified leads


If you are posting a vacancy to the WOB Jobs Board, there is a strong chance of success when it comes to procuring skilled and experienced applicants. Here at WOB we have deep expertise in ‘what sells and what doesn’t’ when it comes to attracting quality candidates to your board.


But you need to follow a few basic guidelines and consider our Standard Plan.

The Basics

Understand that it’s all about eyeballs. Your aim is to get a high level of interest in your role in the hope that someone will call you and eventually apply. Recruiters tell WOB that a very attractive role that has been advertised widely, could see 200 plus applications.  More likely it will be less than this, so ensure you maximise your chance of success.

Style and content matters when you craft your posting to the WOB Jobs Board. Don’t’ just palm it off to the most junior person in your organisation and expect them to do the job for you OR expect you will attract high quality candidates with a poorly expressed role, particularly if you are not offering any form of remuneration or compensation. 

Here are a few starter tips:

  1. THINK about the person reading the vacancy and what they will want to know. Be specific in key fields such as Position Description (hint – this is not a list of directors’ duties), Selection Criteria, Skills Sought and Remuneration. 
  2. BEWARE of unrealistic expectations and overcooking your requirements. FCPA’s are on the lookout for postings seeking a ‘5 plus year qualified accountant for the treasurer role, failing to mention the organisations revenues and, adding insult to injury, expecting this person to be the bookkeeper. ‘
  3. CONSIDER the current director market for directors.  You might find your posting is competing with more attractive offerings.
  4. INCLUDE details about the company such the business model, annual revenues, number of staff and sources of revenue – particularly if you are a large NFP.
  5. SAY if you offer compensation or remuneration, including professional development, honorariums or site visits to major sports events.
  6. LIST a contact person who can a) be contacted, and b) have something useful to say to a potential applicant when they are called or emailed. This is often the Chair of the nominations committee or the board, the company secretary or the CEO.

If you have tried the free vacancy posting service and no-one applies for your role, then maybe it’s time to consider the WOB Standard Plan.

Why use the WOB Standard Plan? 

If you are posting a vacancy to the WOB Jobs Board, there is a strong chance of success. Particularly if you follow our basic guidelines and consider using the WOB Standard Plan.

For the modest fee of $500 the WOB Standard Plan provides you with the security of having your position critically reviewed, pinned to the top of the WOB Vacancy Board, put first in the queue on the weekly vacancies email and a targeted email sent to candidates who match the skills required. 

We have clear evidence that the WOB Standard Plan works when we review the increase in the number of times a vacancy is viewed compared with a free posting. The index below, where paid directorships are scaled to 100, shows the number of views a vacancy attracts with the WOB Standard Plan. 

In other words, more views from qualified leads and a greater chance of recruiting high quality matched candidates to apply for your board role.

The WOB Standard Plan is an excellent option if your organisation is seeking to improve the gender balance on the board, seeking to get more skills matched eyeballs on your vacancy, working to a tight timeframe or to simply take some of the work out of director recruitment.

Click HERE to post a board position and for further details about our PLANS.

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