WOB Meets in WA


A great group of WOB WA members attended the very first WOBMeet held last week at The George in Perth.  From 5pm the wild weather and rain hit. but this didn’t deter members from wading through water and traffic problems to attend the evening.

A very big thanks to Angela Pankhurst, Jayne Baird, Jess Zambrano and Robyn McClellan for making the time for WOB in their busy schedules, to speak on the topic 'Becoming your best and dealing with disrupters."

Topics discussed included the importance of branding yourself and building your reputation - either becoming a subject matter expert in your industry or honing your transferable board skills and becoming good at these.  Not doubting ourselves or our abilities and, in Angela’s words, not feeling regret over the job you didn’t apply for (just apply for it!).

We spoke about dealing with disrupters, making decisions in uncertainty, prioritising and juggling both work and family life.  The main themes that came out of this discussion was planning and preparedness, ask yourself do you need to make a decision on this today….or can it wait until next week.

A big thanks to Robyn who was also put on the spot to talk a bit about how to develop an elevator pitch.  She had given me some great pointers to discuss and I thought it would be better coming straight from her.  Remember…. convert what you do into how you add value to your company and use that as your elevator pitch.
We look forward to seeing members and guests at our next WOBMeet which will be held in November, details are still being arranged.

Karen Hudman
WA Representative

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