WOB Meets in Brisbane


There was an excited hum in the air to kick off Brisbane’s first WOB Meet on 18 July. From first time members to long term WOBers ,everyone was looking forward to having some fun and meeting likeminded women. The venue was a cosy downstairs bar that, as one woman said, was like sitting in someone’s loungeroom and added to the convivial atmosphere.

The networking exercise created quite the buzz with participants pairing up and each given two minutes to pitch to the Chair of a board they really want to be on. The group shared how the exercise really got them thinking about:
  • how to define yourself without using your job title
  • what makes you stand out from the crowd and be remembered
  • the language you use and whether it is board appropriate
Panellists Sonj Hall and Lynn Smart then captivated the room with stories of their board and career experience. Both women have incredibly interesting backgrounds and very different pathways to the boardroom. A range of issues were discussed including how to question respectfully but powerfully, how to appreciate and value your own unique capabilities and the critical role of the Chair in setting culture and running a good meeting. Discussion also explored issues of diversity and capability of the modern board and the importance of being able to speak up and provide your perspective yet abide by decisions made as a board.

The quality and breadth of experience of the group was remarkable with members representing diverse industries of academia, banking, finance, legal, health and services, the arts, agriculture, marketing, start ups, not for profits, big and small business and mingling as consultants, independent directors, authors, researchers, sole traders, CEOs, executives, advisors, managers and business owners.

Comments as people left the event ranged from “how inspiring it was to be surrounded by such amazing women” and “so great to have a local host and supportive crowd” to “I felt like I was home” and “this is just want I needed”.

Watch out for the next WOBMeet in September where we will be teasing out issues to do with director’s personal risk and due diligence. 

Anna Hebron
Qld Representative

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