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The WOB ‘Jobs Board’ is well recognised as the place to post a board or committee role if you are serious about finding a female director for your organisation. It’s free to post a position, the information is quality checked and controlled, all positions are communicated weekly to the entire WOB database and applications numbers are monitored and additional services offered if required.


It has taken WOB 13 years to build this service into one of the premier offerings in an increasingly crowded marketplace, so we thought it was time to let you know how good the WOB ‘Jobs Board’ has become.

Last week we had 79 postings, some of them seeking to fill multiple positions. Of these, 60% are positions that paid director’s fees or remunarated in other ways. These paid roles included non-profits and bodies in the arts & culture and sport & recreation sectors, which indicates the shift in recognising the work of the board and the need to offer some compensation. This is a positive trend that WOB has long advocated and encouraged.

The remainder of the list was made up of 15 roles (19%) that are unpaid / expenses are not covered (19%) and 17 where expenses only are paid (21%).

What boards are the most popular?

While listed company boards and those that remunerate directors either directly or via expenses are the most likely to be viewed by WOB members, you can never discount the perennial attraction of a feel good Not For Profit. The Cat Protection Society in Victoria remains a firm favourite – getting hundreds of views each time it posts – while other animal charities are also popular.  Healthcare also remains a very popular sector – which is unsurprising given the feminised nature of the workforce and the number of roles on offer.

Which all goes to show that WOB members are looking for different things when it comes to contributing their skills and achievements via a board role.

Go racing we say….

Postings that do not get a large number of WOB members viewing them are often those from the gaming and racing sectors. I wonder why you might ask? Or not as the case may be. However, the reality is that these boards – usually appointed by a Minister or regulated by ASIC – are responsible for the oversight and proper running of a highly visible industry that has had its fair share of difficult and shady dealings in the past and is now required to be a better corporate citizen.

"Opportunity knocks”, as we have been reminded through the ages and, more latterly by WOB Chair, Ruth Medd - herself not a racing fan or horse or dog lover, but someone with a keen eye for a good board. A great pragmatist, Ruth will also remind you that applying for boards that struggle to drum up interest - often due to poor marketing, communication and explanation – might at least get you an interview.

We have recently had a spate of racing entities on our Jobs Board and currently have eight positions available on racing entities in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania; two are public companies limited by guarantee while Tasracing is a State Owned Corporation. They are seeking a diverse range of skills; including commercial wagering & sport, digital marketing, legal and WHS, risk, compliance and corporate governance, racing, finance, marketing & communications, business management and information technology.

Who Posts Positions with WOB?

A broad range of organisations and individuals post board and committee positions with Women on Boards. Often postings come our way because a current board member suggests WOB is a great place to find skilled and experienced women (many of them not on the radar of the search sector) to fill board roles. An increasing number of executive search firms make use of our free service, while some boards who identify ‘being female’ as a key skills / attribute gap on their board, use our boutique search service.

We asked Kerryn Newton at search firm, Director’s Australia, a few questions about the Post a Position service provided by Women on Boards. These were her answers.

Why do you post board and committee roles with Women on Boards?

Our aim is always to get the best candidate pool for our clients. Depending on their requirements, we use different search strategies. Posting on WOB as part of a search strategy gives us access to female candidates (which is often what our clients are genuinely seeking) and also access to new candidates who are outside our existing networks.

What has been your experience in using WOB

WOB is a great resource for us as search consultants. They are easy to deal with and we have been able to access a range of candidates through not only posting roles but also the broader WOB network.

Would you recommend WOB to others and why?

Absolutely! WOB has a great purpose which complements ours. We value their services in assisting us in our work with boards to enhance their performance.

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