Claire in Canberra with The Office for Women and WOBMeet

Claire Braund was in Canberra last week and caught up with a few WOB members at the National Press Club. It was only our second live event since COVID and we all relished the opportunity to have a lively and meaningful discussion with a group of like-mined women.

Lots was shared, including a Chatham House Rule discussion around governance issues on various boards people were serving on! There was lots of great guidance and suggestions around how to influence board culture and improve governance on long-standing, well-off member-based bodies, government boards and representative organisations. It was a rich discussion that really highlighted the importance how being in the same room facilitates greater and more meaningful connection.

Claire shared some of the positive news from her catch up with the Office for Women. This were largely around opportunities to influence policies impacting women’s capacity to lead and the Domestic Violence Summit in Darwin in July, but also on how the focus on women’s economic security is driving a much deeper dive across all Federal Government departments in their assessment of how policy initiatives specifically impact women. 

The next WOBMeets in Canberra will be held on 21 July and 10 November at the National Press Club in Barton.

We also have WOBMeets coming up in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on 2nd June.  We'd love to see you there.

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