WOB: A great network

Women on Boards is a global network of some 40,000+ women who largely work on the principle of reciprocity. We work to underpin this approach with a wide range of development offerings.
Key to the success of the many members of our network are our 'Find a Board Position' and 'Post a Board Position' services. By offering support to both organisations seeking directors AND members seeking board roles, we are able to use the network to great effect to achieve our overall goal of moving more women into boards roles.

Like wearing sensible shoes our aim is to provide a range of qualified vacancies that suit the broad range of WOB member interests; from aspiring first timers to established directors seeking ASX roles. We also provide the following range of services:
  • Weekly email of new vacancies to everyone
  • Assistance with the recruitment process.  Two of our ‘how to ‘ guides are Is my CV board ready?  and  Writing a good cover letter 
  • We review your My Profile as part of the Getting Started: Realising your board potential workshops
  • We provide a CV Masterclass for those seeking a professional board CV
  • Offer a high level mentoring service. 
  • If asked individual support is available via telephone 
  • We are great connectors; but have a go yourself at Browse member Profiles (via dropdown once you log in)
Trending vacancies
It is often difficult to anticipate which of the posted opportunities will create the most interest. But this week there has been a lot of activity around the positions:
  • ID 5482 Women’s Healthcare Australasia; and
  • ID 5471 Australian Overseas Foundation.
These organisations both pay expenses (but not a directors' fee), entertain the idea of appointing first time directors and are both socially / economically worthy. Which says a lot about the network that is WOB. 
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