Wise women bear many gifts


WOB Executive Director, Claire Braund, reflects on one of the true gifts of Christmas. 


As we come to the end of another year, I am reminded of how grateful I am for the many wise women in my life.

Starting with my beloved paternal grandmother, whose grave I visited on the way home from a wonderful weekend celebrating an early Christmas on our family farm, then my mother, who is now closer to 80 than 70, and whose company and words I continue to cherish, and finally the wise woman who have supported, advised, and counselled me over the years. 

As the years pass, I value increasingly the gifts these wise women bring.

Whether it be practical support such as we see being given to Mary in this tongue in cheek graphic, guidance at key career inflection points, support through challenging times or, strategic advice to help you navigate your way to informed decisions as a leader or director; it is essential to have a few wise and trusted women in your corner.  

How many wise women have been part of your life’s journey? What guidance have they given? What wisdom have they shared? How have they impacted your decisions and choices?
One can only imagine the plight of Mary who, having just given birth, was expected to entertain three wise old men who brought ceremonial gifts, made solemn pronouncements, and then mounted their camels and rode off.  

Those of us who have given birth know all you really want is a cup of tea, a hot shower and sleep. Enter the wise women bearing more practical gifts.

This Christmas let’s celebrate the wise women. The women who throughout history have supported, nurtured, and enabled other girls and women to survive, achieve and succeed. 

Merry Christmas from all at WOB to the tribe of strong and wise women we are so blessed to have in this great network. We look forward to seeing you in 2024.

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