Why Ernie Dingo made WOB's Claire Beattie cry


WOB Cultural Diversity Committee member Claire Beattie was brought to tears by Ernie Dingo after being named Construction & Infrastructure Indigenous Employee of the Year by the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.


Claire said she was “humbled and surprised” by the honour awarded by the NSWICC - the peak body for Aboriginal business in NSW. “ THANK YOU for recognizing the work that happens to ensure we all have a brighter future in NSW.”

Claire is Executive Director Asset Activations School Infrastructure NSW, Department of Education NSW and on the board of PCYC NSW, WAGEC & Fire to Flourish. She joined WOB’s Cultural Diversity Committee in March 2022.

On LinkedIn Claire said one of the highlights of the awards night was talking to Ernie Dingo. “One of the highlights of the night was Ernie Dingo telling me a fantastic story that I think will resonate with you all. Some of us are stars, we want to shine and be seen. 

“Whilst others are the night sky. We allow others to shine and are constantly there supporting but rarely noticed. Thank you Ernie for saying I am the night's sky... you made me cry! Ernie Dingo - you are a role model and a legend.”

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