What's your gender pay gap?

UK legislation requires all organisations with over 250 employees to report their gender pay gap and publish it on their website. But WOB UK research shows reports for a quarter of the companies in the FTSE All-Share ex350 are “extremely hard to find”. In this article from WOB UK members in the UK are urged to look for their organisation’s gender pay gap report and report back how easy it was to find.  

The deadline for filing Gender Pay Gap reports has passed. But do you know your organisation’s gender pay gap, or even where to find it?

Legislation requires all organisations with over 250 employees to report their gender pay gap and publish it on their website. However, our recent research shows that for 25% of the companies in the FTSE All-Share ex350 (the 261 companies below the largest 350 companies) the reports are “extremely hard to find”.
Gender Pay Gap reporting is a key tool to bring about better gender equality in the workplace. It shows the difference in average earnings between women and men, reflecting the gap between how women are paid and promoted compared to men. More about the Gender Pay Gap and reporting requirements below.

The legislation requires Gender Pay Gap reports to be published on the employer’s website “in a manner that is accessible to all its employees and to the public”.  Employers can choose to publish their reports in the ‘People’ or ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ sections of their websites. Others categorise their Gender Pay Gap reports alongside other corporate governance reporting requirements, in their governance or compliance sections. However, when we searched for the Gender Pay Gap reports of FTSE All-Share companies below the largest 350, we needed to use an in-site search for many and for 25% the only way we could find their Gender Pay Gap report was via google search, with no obvious in-site navigation. 

An employer's Gender Pay Gap is key information that boards should understand when assessing their progress on diversity and inclusion. Plus, it is important as an employee to know how equal your workplace is and to know what actions are being taken to tackle it. This is why Women on Boards believe it is crucial that Gender Pay Gap reports are easily accessible and well publicised by employers. 

Have a look for your organisation’s gender pay gap report. How easy was it to find?  Join our conversation on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

>> Our Hidden Truth report has more analysis on the quality of Gender Pay Gap reports on the FTSE All-Share below the largest 350 firms. 

More about Gender Pay Gap reporting in the UK:

All organisations in any sector have to report their gender pay gap if they have more than 250 employees. This includes public sector organisations, such as school trusts, hospitals or government departments, and even large charities. Find out more about the Gender Pay Gap.

Not all companies have to report, as they may not be UK domiciled and/or have fewer than 250 employees. As regards to FTSE listed firms,  we found 237 companies in the FTSE All-Share published a Gender Pay Gap report (or reports for their subsidiaries): 163 of those were in the FTSE 350 and 74 were in the remaining 261 firms of the FTSE All-Share.

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