What are the top 5 governance trends and issues for 2023?


To round out the year, WOB partner GovernWith is presenting 18 months of governance data insights in a webinar and GovernWith 2023 Benchmark Report.


With over 2000 individual contributions, representing multiple forms of governing bodies, not just boards, the webinar on December 18 at 12pm will shine a light on the overarching contemporary risks for 2023.

The 2023 GovernWith Benchmark Report is designed to assist in the creation and implementation of relevant strategies around contemporary governance models, bettering the governing of your organisation in 2024 and onwards.   

The webinar - with Fi Mercer, Adrian Wagner and Bri Mahoney,  will cover:

  • The top 5 overarching governance trends and issues for 2023  
  • The nexus between corporate vs contemporary risks
  • Why awareness isn't enough, it's about actionable governance 
  • How do we harmonise the governing teams of an organisation to speak one governing language?
  • How do we most effectively use these governing insights going into 2024?  

“We've seen a shift in governance, it’s no longer enough to focus on sector specific and professional capabilities. There needs to be a distribution of skill, awareness and strategic thinking in each of the contemporary governance trends and issues as well,” said GovernWith.

“The GovernWith governance data validates, and gives evidence to, the intersection between corporate responsibilities and contemporary fundamentals. The compliance and regulation versus human integrity and embodiment.” 

Why Register/Attend?

GovernWith clients will receive the webinar recording and a 2023 Benchmark Report to show where their organisations sit against their peers. 

For the extended GW Community who register, you’ll receive the webinar recording and the GovernWith 2023 Governance Data Insights Report. 

To register click HERE

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