What are members talking about?

At WOB we often say that one of the greatest intangible benefits of being a *member is the access and exposure to our incredible network of extraordinary and generous women.  WOBShare now makes the intangible tangible
Update 27 July 2020
Last week members had a discussion on Proxy Votes.  Here's the original question posed for discussion:

Discussion on Proxy Vote Governance

"As a board for a sporting association we are currently working through what has been quite an extensive process of reviewing and changing the rules.  There is a current debate on how to manage Proxy voting.  As a result of some long standing history/perception of proxy votes possibly being influenced inappropriately there is understandably some strong views on making this right.   A request has come forward for Proxy Votes to only be managed through the Chairman which we actually believe would be inappropriate and a breach of good governance.  There is consideration being given to Proxy voting to be established electronically with the appropriate security etc in place as an option.  I would appreciate some direction on the most appropriate and current way for Proxy Votes to be managed within good governance that removes any concern or perception of individuals/groups inappropriately influencing outcomes."
20 July 2020 

What are Members Talking About?

WOBShare is our online *member only forum, where members can chat directly with other members.  The forum is secure, private and interactive, allowing members to:
  1. initiate, join and observe group discussions on a range of topics;
  2. have one on one contact with other members in the forum;
  3. share documents and information;
  4. access the member only resource library; and
  5. get the scoop on member only events.
The forum continues to grow, with members engaging in a range of thought provoking discussions.

Discussion topics have recently included:

  • Virtual Board meetings - members have raised their concerns and frustrations with constant virtual meetings, with one member sharing details on the "worst board meeting she has ever had".
  • Advice on gaining a board role.
  • How to resolve a conflict of interest for a CEO's activities
  • Working from home challenges during COVID
......and more.

Build your network and learn

A key way to establish your board pathway is to develop and cultivate a supportive network.  WOBShare enables you to do that in a safe environment. It's a great new member benefit that we introduced at the start of 2020 to enable members to connect, learn and support each other.

How to join the conversation

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*Members denotes Full, Corporate and Global Members. It does not include Basic Members.‚Äč
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