Under the Cloak of COVID © - Corporate Psychopaths and Bullies come out to play ©


Are you one of the silent majority - passive, disinterested or status oriented directors complying with the psychopath's directions OR are you one of the engaged minority - courageous, indpendent non-executive directors who are opposing the self-interested actions of the corporate psychopaths and bullies by standing up for the rule of law, principle and good governance?

This article by Fiona Shand FAICD looks at the Achieved Influencers (the good guys) and the Derived Influencers (the pschopaths and bullies) and how the latter have used the Cloak of COVID to come out to play.  Strong independent voices - those standing up for good governance practice and compliance with the law - risk being marginalised, victimised or forced to resign rather than risk their reputations by condoning improper behaviour.

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